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Spending Money needed Trip to Spain?

How much spending money would I need to take to Spain, for a one week trip, and how much is that in American money?
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All spenses for the trip, the tours and hotel are all paid, this is just pocket money

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About Bella S comment. I live in Spain and the crime rate is a lot lower than anywhere I know. I´m not Spanish as I come from the UK. I´ve been living here three years and coming here for 30 years and I´ve had no problem. Like everywhere in the world, just be sensible about your possessions, but don´t worry about Spain, it´s a heck of a lot better than the UK & the USA.
I would budget on a €100 ($145) per day. Eating out is cheap especially if you have the menu del dia (menu of the day) where you can get a great meal for under €5. That should give you plenty of spending power depending on where you are going. Personally I would take half in cash and the rest on a credit card. Never use a debit card because you will be charged for doing so.

Bella S
Take about 100 Euros ($145) cash, and just use your ATM card while you're there, that way you're not carrying around a bunch of cash.

Don't get robbed -- I don't know anyone who's been to Spain and not been robbed.

Have you already paid for part of it, and only need pocket money for souvenirs, entrances and food? Where are you going to be? Taking trains, and need to pay for the tickets, still? lots of questions, you have a credit card? If you do, you can diminish your need for cash greatly, and the exchange is a bit cheaper. I used my Capitol One card the whole time I was there. They give me 1% exchange fee. And they guaranteed me the best exchange rate. (I checked my bill. They really did give me a good exchange rate).

Credit cards are far and away the best way to go. You don't have to worry too much about exactly how much things are costing you, and you know you have enough to pay. If you have the cash on hand, you just pay it all off when you get home, and don't have to pay service charges and interest and all that junk.

Quick answer, for, like, an inexpensive hostal in Madrid, plus food and daily transport, etc., expect to need about $1000 US or so, if you need to pay for everything with cash. Don't exchange it all before you go, as you'll have to pay the fee to change back anything you don't spend, and don't mess around with travellers checques. They aren't accepted in most places anymore...too easy to forge/counterfeit.

Okay, only pocket money, take about $100 to 200, and your atm card, assuming your pin is 4digit. The machines over there don´t take 5digit numbers. And just keep looking for the one that has your logo on its list of cards. Some are limited as to which brands, but as you walk about, you´ll find one that works. Your bank can do it for you. They need about a week to be sure they can get it for you, but they may be able to do a smallish amount in less. Give them two if you can, just to be safe.

Edward x
I would wait until you get to a hotel in Spain to convert your money..the conversion rates are so much better than if you do it at the aiport (both stateside and abroad). Well at least that's what I've concluded.

I would personally take around £300 but it depends on what you want to do whilst there e.g. how many meals out, trips etc.

For American money double it so around 600 dollars.

The conversion rate favors Spain. In other words the buying power of our dollar makes travel in Spain very expensive. If you needed $100 a day five years ago, now you need $150.
Certain items will be a lot higher. A $1.00 cup of coffee will cost you $3.00 or more. A glass of wine here for $8.00 will cost you $15.00. Hotels will give you a rate closer to the exchange rate because they are trying to increase tourism.
If you can make it on $59.00 a day for 7 days, take $500 or more.

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