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What are the Pros and Cons of living in Spain?

I love the language, weather and there are many glorious sites to see in spain but want to know more?

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Me and my hubby moved to Spain just over 3 years ago and we absolutely love it. We live on the Costa Blanca in a little place called Javea (Xabia), (The Jewel in The Crown). The people are lovely, the lifestyle is relaxed, no traffic jams, air is pure, wonderful scenery. When you wake up to the sun shining almost every day you just feel on top of the world. People actually have smiles on their faces and they will just stop and talk to you. Generally utilities are much cheaper than the U.K. (gas, electricity, rates, water rates etc.) Petrol is approx 3/4 the price per litre than the U.K.
The downside. Well the beaurocracy will drive you crazy (you just need to chill out and be prepared to wait). If you don't speak the language and you need to go to the doctors or go to the police, you will need an interpretor. If you need to work, then expect about half the wages of the U.K. and bear in mind that the English people over here have a reputation for 'ripping off' the English ex pats so you will need to overcome that. My hubby is a builder and has found it quite difficult getting work. There is a lot of mistrust of English builders amongst ex pats.
We would not return to the U.K. from choice, only from necessity. Having said all of that, I do not look at living in Spain through 'rose coloured spectacles'. We have been burgled twice in one year ! ! ! ! ! Generally crime is much lower here than in the U.K. Also you do not get any 'hand outs' from the Spanish government. You have to earn your keep here. I personally don't think this is a bad thing.

Hi... I moved to Spain a year ago and have loved almost every minute of it.. Sun, sea sand etc and great atmosphere in the towns and lovely people. However, if you need to work be prepared for low wages and long hours here. I know barmen who work 7 days a week for 4Euro an hour. The average salary is 1200 a month which is 800 quid and this is considered 'good'. I teach English here and its quite easy to get a job teaching English in most major cities but mostly its evening work and again badly paid.

A good note though!! Food and drink are cheap and the cost of living in general is lower than UK. If you can speak even a little of the langugage you will go far as the locals love it when us brits attempt their lingo.
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Pleasant Peter Perkins
Everywhere is long as you do not crave your home.

I`ve lived in Spain for 15 years. Mostly in the North , near to Bilbao.
I love the timetable, England seems to "close" at 5 in the everything is open til much get much more out of the day
It`s a more outdoor lifestyle, people spend time in the street for the sake of it, walking, chatting etc.
After a while the food, I was reluctant to admit it at first but english food is crap! The Spanish are real foodies and it rubs off on you.
The healthcare system up here in the north knocks spots off the N.H.S.
There are more hours of sunshine even in the rainy North
Supermarkets and clothes are cheaper
The sheer variety of scenery , I`ve travelled all around Spain and there`s ALWAYS something more to see......
You can ski, you can go to the beach,
I could go on..... prices are sky high!!

Ive been here for 10 years now, but remember you have to intergrate with the locals, that way they except you and you live a lovely life;) Don't be an Ex pat we all laugh about!

Spain is many countries all rolled into one therefore the culture in Spain is very varied and interesting. Its Atlantic shores and the huge plains of the interior have very distinct characteristics.

Similarly, the Mediterranean Costa's change ?flavour? as they sweep down from the Pyrenees through the pine forests of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

From the picturesque orange blossom coast of the Costa del Azahar, past the stunning beaches of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, the landscape finally becomes semi-arid as we approach the Costa de Almeria.

See for more details

sand sea and beautifully men what more could you want

Depends where you are from I guess and what you are used to, but as a tourist you will love it, for all the things you have mentioned and more. I studied there and felt very comfortable. The people are nice, the food is great, it's a bit warm but the weather was ok, too. It sounds like you know a lot about the place, but have never been there. I would say beware of petty crime when you are there but other than that, it's a very laid back country, with people that enjoy life.

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