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Which is better to stay in: Sevilla or Granada?

I will be visiting Spain in April 2009 and will have 3-4 days to spend in Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba. (Yes, I realize that's not a lot of time, but I can't do anything about that and I'd really like to see all three, or at least Granada and Sevila.) I plan to stay in either Sevilla or Granada and take a day trip to the other city (and hopefully a second day trip to Cordoba as well).

My question is which is better to stay in and which is better to do as a day trip? I'm leaning more toward staying in Granada because it's smaller and seems a bit more interesting, but I don't know.

(And although I'm going in April, I'll be missing both Holy Week and the fair in Sevilla, so those don't figure in my decision.)


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Joe The Provokator

Ive been to Granada and Seville and would definately recommend that you stay in Granada.

Despite being much smaller than Seville there is so much to keep you entertained. I really enjoyed the city and thought it had a great atmosphere both day and night. The AlbaicĂ­n is by far one of my most favorite places ever!

I went to Seville from Granada by bus. it was cheap but took about 3 hours i think so it would be a long day trip!

BUMMMER! about the timing! Except that you can spend some time in the other cities...Stay in Sevilla. It is a bit more central (a few hours by train to Granada, and an hour or less to CĂłrdoba - but Sevilla is in between). Also, more things that you want to see in Sevilla, you can manage on a day in CĂłrdoba (or less, get back to Sevilla, and then do a couple of things there in the evening) and a full day for Granada. Get your tickets for the Alhambra online. Skip that two hour wait!

Granada... is a nice city but better if you'd come a month or two eairler then you could spend one day skiing =) I'd say in Sevilla would be a better place to stay it use to be the captiol of Spain =) The buildings are amazing

I have never been to Cordoba, But I think you want to see the mezquita ? the Alhambra in Granada I hear is more *wow* But I can't compare as I've never been to Cordoba

& the spring fair is good also, it will be about 25ÂșC in April a nice time of year to visit, there shouldn't be any rain Visit as much as you can in Sevilla then the Alhambra in Granada... & if you run out of thing's to see in Sevilla (Which I don't think you will) visit the Mezquita

Or if you were planning another trip in the summer go to the Mezquita now... & visit Granada in the Summer but stay in AlmerĂ­a =)

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