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Can you get a tan from the weather being 19degress? (UK)?

today in manchester its 19degrees. can you catch the sun from this?

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Yeah you can. You can catch a tan in less than 19degrees. I have caught a tan already from two days walking about in the sun and I rarely tan!
I also tanned when I went to switzerland and it was less than 19degrees there - it was because the UV light reflected off the snow.
There is always UV light coming from the sun so if you are out and about in 19degrees of course you will catch a tan :) just don't get burned

Tanning is not related to temperature. UV waves in the sun's rays damage the skin which responds by turning darker to help reduce further damage.

If you go skiing on a sunny day it may be around 0 degree C but when you come down you may well have the panda look - a red face except where it was protected by goggles and hat.

Remember too much sun leads to skin cancer. Obey the warning information on weather forecasts.

Tan is dependant on the sun, not on the temperature, you can get a tan whilst skiing for example. Is it sunny?

taxed till i die,and then some.
Yes you can.

Katie F
I'm in Manchester and I got sunburnt yesterday

Being in Manchester--are you sure it's not rust?

Eva xx
Nothing to do with the temperature - all depends on how strong the sun is and how much UV there is.

im in york and i tanned in ah hour each day mon tues and wed! come on british summer!

Absolutely. Nothing to do with heat. Have you seen the state of some arctic/antarctic explorers when they return? They get burnt badly.

Incidentally, the heat of the sun is always strong, though the air temperature can be cold. Place a thermometer in the shade and take a reading after a couple of minutes, then take it out of the shade and repeat. Even though the air temperature is 19C, the temperature in direct sunlight will feel like its in the 30Cs.


gee gee of ascot

Yeah i got one yesterday and it was about 16

Course you can!

Of course you can! Any monkey knows that the rays of the sun will do the most damage if exposed for any longer than an hour.

Of course you can catch a tan, it will take longer at this time of year as the sun is further away. Its not the heat that gives you a tan (like sitting under a grill) its the intensity of the suns rays.

you stupid people !
temperature does not matter.
you can get sunburns while on a skiing Holiday and it not 19 degrees

Bone Reaper
I was out yesterday for a couple of hrs & now sport red shoulders so I reckon the answer is yes so enjoy it while it lasts

Its funny you say that yesterday it was only 18 degrees and i ended up with a burnt shoulder i was wearing a top that comes off one shoulder hence only burning one lol
so the answer is yes you can.

Make the most of it it will rain soon lol

yes. temperature here has only been 17 and i have already started to go brown.

Yes you can get a tan when the temp is 19 degrees. I once got very sun burnt in December 1980 doing the gardening, and I am sure it was below 19 degrees, working up a sweat produces salt on the skin and you catch the sun more. I did some serious sunbathing in 2006 and 2007 and I really noticed how it aged me, so now I avoid the sun and use a sunblock.

I got sun burn the other day and it was only 17 degrees c, so yes you can get a tan from 19.

Theoretically yes. You can. Getting tanned is totally independent from the temperature. Example: Tanning studios. Room temperature and the nice artificial device which is spitting out UV-B rays. Those rays are producing (in a complicated biochemical process) your skin to get darker. Other, more natural example: High in the mountains - clear unpolluted air, almost no clouds (often you are above the clouds) - so nothing which could prevent the natural UV-B rays to reach your skin - and it might be even quite cold. Summary: clear sky and loads of sun at an angle of 90 degrees preferable - you even could get tanned in the winter.

yes you can but a tan is not healthy when you go brown your skin has been damaged and may not recover fully it turns brown to stop further damage sun tan can and does give you skin cancer BEWARE!!

ye of course u can

Of course you can - it depends on actual sun exposure, it has absolutely nothing to do with temperature.

And as the Beatles said, if the sun don't come you get a tan from standing in the English rain. (I Am The Walrus)

thomas c
The suns' rays penetrate the clouds in the sky even on the cloudiest of days, and you can get a tan in cold cloudy weather if you spend enough time out in it.

However, the higher the temperature the better your skin will react to tanning as it increases the blood flow and thus increases the melatonin levels in your skin which is what helps produce pigmentation.

I can't help but notice some people's comments that too much sun causes skin cancer - its actually burning and damaging the skin that causes skin cancer. It is important to be aware of the sun and its effects, but with most people if you tan responsibly without burning the chances of getting skin cancer are extremely low.

Well ive been to the french alps and caught a tan easy and yet ive gone to spain and taken maybe twice as long to get the same tan lol so i guess its not the temp it more how strong the sun is??? im guessing lol

yes you can its not dependant on the actual temperature but how high the UV exposure is :) for example you can get a tan whilst sking/snowboarding and its like -3C. So to answer you question as long as its sunny then yes you can :)

Yes you can. Even when cloudy the rays penetrate and if you are fair skinned you can burn - even slightly. I have been playing golf during the recent sunny spell and am well tanned. So beware and use a sun cream.

who cares!!!

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Alan Y
I get a good tan form just being outside during the day. Even when it is a Winters and there is clouds in the sky. True I do have to be out for about 5 hours, but then I will go for a walk just for the exercise.

Problem with getting a sun tan is the damage it does to the face. My brother Paul is 3 years and 8 months younger than me but looks older. He used to work as a street cleaner and was out all day, as a result he looks like he is in his 50s when he is only 45 years old.

My problem is I have freckles, I hate going out on a Summers day because the freckles turn black and makes me look as if I have not washed my face for a month. It is the freckles that cause me to have a sun tan during the Winter, the 'white' bits of skin in between the freckles darken off.

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