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robert d

How much does a liter of petrol (gas) cost in the UK?

I'll be traveling in the UK soon, and was curious as to how different the proce of gasoline (petrol) is between the UK and the USA. Not sure if gas is sold in imperial gallons or by the liter in the UK, but if I can find out the price and the unit, i can calkculate the differnce. So, my english/scottish/welsh/irish bretheren, How much does it cost you at the pumps?

Many thanks, Bob in Boston.

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The Jade Merchant
I've just filled up at 95.9p per litre. It was nearly £1 last month.

Start saving!

Kate J
I did find some fuel at 91.90 the other day - but you'd have to go to Milton Keynes! You're lucky in the USA - we have to pay big money for fuel.

Too bloody much! You're in for a shock young man!

english guy 1985
it's always sold by the liter (spelt litre in the UK) and varies between 90p-£1 per litre.

it is pretty rare to see it less than 95p per litre.

is it roughly four litres to a gallon? if so then it works out at about US $7.50 a gallon. So if like the other answerer you think $3.14 back home is a rip-off you're in for a massive shock here!

I want proof
I saw 94.5p/l this morning at a Shell garage, which means at places like Tesco it's likely to be a bit cheaper still.

You didn't say whereabouts in the UK you'll be travelling, Bob, so I think you should take a look at this....

then no matter where you are, you'll always be able to find the cheapest petrol in the area, providing you can get online!

You do need to register, but it's free, and you only get an email every three months or so (been a member for 2 years)

Be aware that all the stations are self service, some are credit card only at the pump (i.e. unattended) and that in the UK it is an offence to fill your car up without the means to pay. (not saying you would, Bob, just not sure if you have the same law in Boston! No offence!)

Also remember that if you're using our motorways, the service stations on them *always* have higher petrol prices. Try and get off the motorway for fuel - and food! Village food is far better, cheaper and fresher.

Have a wonderful time, Bob!

Petrol is sold by the litre here in the UK and virtually every filling station is self sevice - so you have to do it yourself - present price is around 94.9p (say $2) per litre for RON95 - higher octanes are a bit more expensive.

All accept credit/debit cards some at the pump but most with the cashier.


It's about 96p a litre, which I worked out comes to about $7/gallon. Now you see why we think the Americans are nuts when they complain about $3 a gallon.

Harley Lady
In Indiana, it is up to $3.14 a gallon.What a rip off.

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