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The difference between money in the UK and the US?

How much difference is there? Is a US dollar worth more over in the UK? How does it work exactly?
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I know you can't use the US dollar over there. I don't think I clarified my question enough. Once you exchange the US money you have into euro's or what they use in the UK, how much of a difference is there?

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As of right now, you get $1.87 to £1

Alutiiq Beauty
I' am an American citizen who lived over in the UK for nearly 5 years, and when I transferred my US banking to UK banking, it was absolute crap.( imagine having something like 20k then when you look at your new bank statement and you only have 11.5k it's shocking, just a analogy). I knew the transfer rate was 1.67 to the pound, but there you go. When we moved back we were pleasantly happy with our transfer again. Lets just say you don't get very much for your buck over there Beautiful Country though, I can't complain about that. Take Care

1 pound is a close equivalent to $2.

F*ck the BNP
it's about $1.80 to the pound average.

The strongest is the £ pound, then the Euro, then the $ Dollar.

If you were going to the U.S then you would change your Pounds for Dollars and for every pound you would be given one dollar and 87 cents. Obviously when you came back you'd change your dollars for pounds and it would seem less. After all 2 Million sounds better than 1. Worth is dependent on what you can buy with it. If you would spend 2 million dollars on something in the US and it costs 1 million pounds here then its worth the same but if you spend 2million pound on something that cost you 1 million dollars it would be worth twice as much. It depends on the cost of living in whichever country you are in. Even in the UK a pound buys more in the north than it does in London.

In my opinion you get more for your money in the USA but the banks don't allow you to get the benefit of it if you're purchasing from the UK. The exchange rate on the net isn't the rate the banks will give you even on commercial rate. It will always be a few points down. Then the banks will charge you to send the money across. All in all work on the dollar being the same as the pound and you won't go far wrong.

Mama Mia
It all depends on the cost of living in your Country.. If it is more expensive to live in the UK then the US.,What difference does it make it if you live there and you earn "x "amount of dollars, then to live in the Us and not need to spend your money in the US.
Dollar Value matters where you live. Peace out!

no, the US dollar is not worth as much, not sure abou the exact rate today but probably close to 2 UK pounds per US dollar

Ummm... a US dollar is only worth what you can buy for it. I am not sure you can buy anything in the UK with US dollars?

For whatever reason - probably the fact that the US dollar is prolific enough to make anyone's head swim - the US dollar can be used in a lot of countries around the world. However, you are always better off using the local currency for best value.


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