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What do people wear in London?

This is our (my husband & I) first time to go to the UK, and we hope to buy clothes here in our country that will also be wearable in London. What do you (ladies & men) usually wear in the office & casually? We are in our late twenties. I hope you guys can give me some tips on what to buy for our stay in Middlesex, clothes, shoes, and other things you'd advise. Thanks!

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Erica B
I studied in London two summers ago and a few of my friends stayed to work with MP's in Parliament, and obviously fashion has evolved a lot since then, but here are a few standbys:
Europe & the UK are much more formal than the US. So definitely avoid khakis in the office because they are unacceptable. I got the impression that ties are standard for men in the office, regardless of rank or position.
1. A well fitted coat (I'd say about knee length or a shade shorter for ladies)
2. Dress shoes- mid height pumps for women, I don't think men's shoes are too particular other than that brown isn't considered formal enough. No bare legs for women if you have a skirt, definitely.
3. Dress shirts+jackets for a crisp, layered look
4. For casual, going-out-on-the town dark jeans with heels, If you want more ideas I would check out's Street Chic archive- they probably have some great ideas posted there.
5. Don't forget your umbrella!

I would also check out what H&M has in stock in stores here; they generally supply more European, fashion forward styles that more closely match what is current there.

Tyler M
don't forget a's always raining...Men tend to wear fitted jeans and soccer shirts with puma sneakers and if you really want to know their hair is sorta like a mohawk, but if you are going some wear such as a business attire or just out for a fancy night then wear dress pants and a shirt and some nice shoes.

As for the ladies, being natural is what makes you look the best. Wear what they would be wearing in NY or LA. Who knows maybe you can bring some american style into the U.K. and I bet while your there you will probably be shopping so then you'll fit just right in. Have a good time!

um...they wear what everyone else wears in most western places. I would suggest that your husband gets a suit for work with colour coordinated ties and shirts. Then, you get some smart trousers, or knee length skirts, which can be worn with some smart tops, or you could get a suit yourself, which you can wear with a smart top. Wear this with some small heels or flat shoes (smart ones though). However, when dressing casually, you can wear what ever you would like. Perhaps you could wear jeans, boots and a fitted top. Whilst you husband could wear jeans or slacks, with a jumper. The most important thing to do, when deciding upon clothes is to wear smarter clothes for work, but also to wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in.

well, if you want to be really casual you could go walking around nude with an umbrella; anyway, you'd better not wear jeans if you want to find a decent work, for a man suite and shirt is OK, tie is not compulsory.
Then, never forget a raincoat, a coat and a scarf.
most of the times we just have drizzle: at most you get wet, not really sneezed, so the umbrella is not really really important

considering i live near london, just like in the office it depends. is it a smart office or one with a casual dress code? suit or shirt and trousers but NOT JEANS!!
for casual considering its london u can get away with just about anything!

I'm 19 , i'm from London and i work in an office in the city.I suggest that for a working enviroment that your husband invest in a suit and a tie because this is what he will be expected to wear. I also suggest that you yourself invest in a fitted womans suit as well as some knee length skirts. As for formal wear have a look in topshop, miss selfidgeis, h & m ,zara, next,dorethy perkins ect some of the high street shops. for shoes i suggest office, dune, revel ect. Have fun staying in England!

About thye same as they do state side. Clothes. Everything from normal to wierd. Depends on where you go. Just like the good ole USA.
PS: you choose what is normal or wierd.


For leisure, we generally dress as pearly kings and queens, playing the piano and singing 'roll out the barrel'. For business, we wear pinstripes, carry an umbrella and tip our bowler hats at each other, while saying 'how do you do?'

What do you think we wear? We wear jeans for casual and business suits for work, I would guess pretty much as you do.


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