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Tim T

What is the most desolate part of england?

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desolate, as in, a desirable place to go on holiday to get some peace.........not a derelict urban area!

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Try Scotland for really desolate. Rannoch Moor in the West Highlands is pretty remote, but does have a hostel where you can stay. Corrour station is even more remote, though you can catch a sleeper train there direct from London.

There's a station on the Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh line, Achnasheen I think, which is supposed to be 18 miles from the nearest road.

Bishop Rock,four miles off the Scilley Isles,is the most isolated place in England. It is the world's smallest island with a building on it,which is a lighthouse with a helipad on top so access is possible in rough seas. You can stay there by arrangement with Trinity House,which is the controlling authority for all Britain's lighthouses,making it the most isolated accommodation in England. Kielder in Northumbria is reckoned by local residents as the most isolated place,but actually has a bus service,the post bus,six days a week ,and an Arriva bus at weekends in the summer for the Kielder Reservoir attractions,which include sailing clubs,nature trails,cycle routes,accommodation in rented cottages or a campsite,and has over 20,000 visitors a year,so it's not exactly desolate..................The only place in mainland England you can be four miles from a road is on Dartmoor,so that probably fits the question better................For peaceful quiet holidays,all around the Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines there are loads of choices..lots of out-of-the-way- places to just relax and be happy. The same all over UK. There are loads of unspoilt and almost unpopulated areas,inland and on the coast. Yorkshire Moors,Lakeland away from the touristy bits,Derbyshire,the West Country,the Highlands,the lovely Purbeck Hills by the south coast,almost any area of Britain you can get away from it all and have a quiet time. Takes a bit of looking up,but a few days researching will give you dozens of choices. Best of luck,have a good time.

Yorkshire Moors? Dartmoor? Although in truth, parts of the big inner cities are now pretty desolate imvho

Dartmoor or the Yorkshire moors I'd say.

Define desolate.

There are parts of Britain which are desolate in the sense of being wild open countryside (like some of the national parks) where you won't find a phone, a pub, a toilet and possibly a mobile phone signal for miles.

There are also parts of the inner cities of Britain which are desolate in the sense of being derelict, vandalised and run-down with high crime rates, drug problems, gang violence, etc.

Which did you mean?

Stoke on Trent wot a hole

the part where im living, its a **** hole

desolate, would have to be somewhere like the lake district, although this getting more occupied by tourists. i'm a city girl myself so not too good on desolate. and if it is desolate then there will be nobody there to tell you that it is desolate. hahahaha.

just making myself laugh

David S
Try Ludlow in Shropshire - my personal favourite - beautiful architecture, a slow pace of life and surrounded by beautiful countryside - The Long Mynd, Wenlock Edge, Mortimer Forest etc.

Try Wasdale in the Lake District - up a dead end valley, no through road and away from the tourist trail.

Some areas of the lake district

cornwall its only got one city and its not really a city its just a city because of its cathedral and there wasn't a pizza hut or a kfc until 3 or 4 years ago

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