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Can you still drive any of ROUTE 66?

Seeing the movie Cars made me crave the open road.. of Route 66
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Thanks! And no I am not just basing it on a movie.. I grew up in Texas.. and I live in California.. So I love the West and the beautiful land and yes I have driven through it.. just wanted to try a new way!

Thanks guys!

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Carl S
Taking a look at the answers you have so far, I'm not sure how to respond. I have read that the federal government decommissioned Route 66. Although the road is still there, now the individual states have it numbered something else. There are areas that do paint on the roadway that it is Route 66 for those who want to travel the old road. Other areas have even gone as far as promoting architectural revival of the style popular when the road was in it's heyday.

So, yes, you can drive it, but it's not Route 66 anymore.

bitto luv
Yes! Here, in New Mexico it's a big deal. It's Historic Route 66. You can take it through Los Lunas and through Albuquerque. Old Town Albuquerque and Downtown Albuquerque. I don't know about anywhere else though.

Here are some links I found...

Yes you can...problem is it is hard to find sometimes because people keep stealing the hiway signs.

It is definitely still drivable. I live along the old route 66 and there are signs every where pointing to it.

Yes, but you do have to research where it goes exactly. In many places it's not called the Route 66 any more. They just have signs saying "historical route 66" ...

more info below

well last time i cruised the country you could. it paralleled the freeway (40?). if you want the open road you might as well just stay on the dern fwy.

I live in Southern California and see signs for Route 66 all the time, but it's not what I'd call the open road. Most of it here runs through downtown districts.


I know you can still drive the part in Kansas in Baxter Springs and Riverton and Galena. I live there and we drive on it all the time but its not a trip, but a usual drive to another part in town.

Yea the roads are open just go ahead and enjoy the route 66.

sister cool breeze
i tried to run old route 66 a couple years ago, but parts of it is gone, and i had trouble finding it in other places and it looked like most of the other places when i did find it. this was in New Mexico USA (inside joke with my daughter who lives in NM<NM is the only state that still writes USA on their license plates)

if you want the open road, do it on a motorcycle, that was so much fun with the wind in my face. just enough clothes to last a couple days in a backpack. get a camelbak pack for water on your back so you will have plenty of water accessible while riding the bike. the bike is more economical for fuel. the bike i had was getting about 50 miles per gallon. i traveled from AZ to NM and CA on my bike.

have fun if you decide to cruise the 66

Yeah, actually down here in Barstow, CA where I live, there is much of Route 66 still around, including our own main street.

i drove on parts of US 66 about 10 years ago, maybe in New Mexico or Nevada.

Stacy R
Yes, you can still drive it, it's just not a main highway anymore like it used to be

larry g

howard the duq
yes, 2 summers ago a friend and I drove the stretch of Rte 66 between Flagstaff and Kingman AZ it was a blast seeing the roadside businesses that were still there along with the different little museums

yes. it runs all over the place. its a ROAD. but it's a highway so don't assume it's all peaceful and open. and y do u base ur opinions on a movie? especially a CARTOON movie?

Points whore
We drove it two years ago, a must see, don't miss it.

Yes you can. I live in San Bernardino, Calif & it's part of Foothill Blvd. There are signs all along it, informing you that you're on Route 66. There's also a Route 66 Rendezvous every year with vintage cars. My son & I went last year & had a blast looking at all the cars from yesteryear. Foothill Blvd goes through several cities too, not just San Bernardino.

Of course! Depending on how you look at it, it starts/ends in California at the Santa Monica Pier, not a bad place to begin a journey!

Yes. It goes right thru the middle of Tulsa but it would not be the quickest way to get around. It tends to crawl thru small towns and other cities and has a generally low speed limit.

Yes you can but its not what it used to be. Route 66 is not a highway like it used to be, now you have to go through red and green lights like a regular street. Route 66 is celebrated every year and they close the whole Route down. They have lots of hot rods, music, food and entertainment. Its fun for the whole family. By the way it is here in California Sanbernardino where I am talking about and ROUTE 66 is also known as FOOTHILL BLVD.


I live about 3/4 mile from Route 66 in New Mexico! They've just painted the old white highway signs on the road!

Laura Lovehagle
you should be able to but i don't know its a main road pretty much threw like 7 states so u should be able to

Sure you can, I drove on part of it on my way to Florida from Mass. Not sure which part, I think Virginia was where I picked it uup.

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