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Tracygirl many days is enough?

My husband and I are taking our 3 and 5 year old to Disneyland next month. I am trying to decide how many days will be enough without over or under doing it. I also will have my 8 month old with us, so I need to factor that into the equation. I don't think we will do the Cali Adventure, I haven't heard great things about it.

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Walking on Sunshine
Fist of all do spend at least one day in California Adventure it is exactly why your kids will love the park - characters - lots and lots all over the place. They will see more than just the princesses and Mickey, they will see the teams from Monster's Inc, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians and much more - plus since you have a tiny one there is more to do as a group like the theater and 3D shows - make sure the kids wear croc type shoes - no socks, swim trunks and rash guard shirts since a big section of the kid area is a water fountain to splash in and all articles of clothing must stay on for health and safety purposes (it's also a good idea to put a couple of hand size towels in your bag for drying off). You should also be aware of "switching out" that way you and your husband both get to ride with your older kids while the other sits out with the baby. Another nice thing about California Adventure is the Tortilla factory, Sourdough bread company and Vineyard all offer samples (although the wine samples are about $5 a glass). People who don't typically like the California Adventure are native and live it so they don't get why a theme park was necessary (lol).

OK - IMHO 3 days is the perfect amount of time for both parks you can see and do so much. If you plan to see the parades grab a blanket and park yourself on main street at least 30 minutes before so you can see it well and for the fireworks camp out in front of the Pirates about 45 minutes ahead since a good deal of the show is done from Tom Sawyer Island over the water and is both live action and pyrotechnic.

FYI - there are lockers at the main entrance so if you want to take spare clothes a picnic or any extras you don't want to carry or dash back to the hotel for. And if you run out of formula or need an emergency diaper there is the Baby care station in both parks and fresh undies can be purchased at the store by the water ride in California Adventure and shops on Main Street. Don't forget Downtown Disney there is a Rain Forest Cafe and a Build a Bear Workshop as well as other fun shops - look it up on line so you can work your favorites in. HAVE FUN!

We stayed at the Candycane Inn right next to Disneyland. Very reasonable and it has a free shuttle. I would recommend 3-5 days. Get up and go in the mornings, come back to motel for a nap, go back in the early evenings.

Swim at the pool and relax those tired feet a little. We took our 4 year old son and there are some good areas in the Cali Adventure for young kids (Bugs Life area).

Don't kill yourself by doing the opening to close marathons. Take an extra day and then spread out your day like I mentioned so when you get home you don't feel like you need another vacation to unwind.

Good luck, and have a great time

When i've gone I only stayed for a a few hours in the day, but I do live only a few minutes away from Disneyland, so thats probably why I'm never there for many hours or why I haven't been there in half a decade. Anyways, I think two days maybe even three would be a good amount for a family that is new to the area to spend there. I'd probably go with three, though..since Disneyland and CA aren't all that big, you should be able to visit all the rides at each park in two days, easily.

If you decide to stay for more than two days or for just two, you should definitely visit Downtown Disney, especially at night, there are many many places there that are very child friendly. It consists of a teddy bear factory, movie theater, several restaurants, stores and arcades. It's basically a big outdoor shopping center.

If you do intend on going there and having dinner I recommend visiting the Rainforest cafe, it's basically a restaurant with a rainforest/jungle theme, it's very nice and your kids should enjoy it.

I also recommend the house of blues orTortilla joes. I don't know much about the house blues..aside from the fact that many celebrities visit it and theres normally live music playing there.

And Tortilla joes, well, it's basically a big two story restaurant with an outdoor bar which serves mainly mexican food, which is pretty good but it's a little pricey though..but everything is now a days. Also, there are many more restaurants there and more places to visit at downtown disney, so have fun and explore!

Oh and also, California Adventures isn't as good as Disneyland, if you can only goto one park then go to Disneyland, it's much more child friendly.

I forgot to mention that if you eat at Tortilla Joes, and you intend on waiting outside instead of inside you should tell one of the hosts/hostess's since they don't call for people outside unless they know you'll be out there, since it'd take up too much time to go back and forth calling for people (they dont have a loudspeaker).

My sister works as a hostess there incase you were wondering why I know that.

I would go for roughly around two days. Your children will get worn out quickly and if you stay longer I'm afraid they might get very cranky.

its all great, CA adventure dont miss it, specially for children their age is perfect, go for 3 days you wont forget it , you can do 2 but it will be rushed and not a real vacation, you can do 4 and be superrelaxed and revisit some places, remember that in the low season there's fireworks only on the weekend.

Olivia L
Well if you have a baby with you i would go with two three it depends how much money you want to spend and like there are some good deals for like week and like different parks so yeah!!!

2 or 3 days will be perfect for kids that age! They will have a blast and will enjoy every second of it! It will be a great experience! Have fun!! :)

with kids that age, you might want to do at least 2 days. the lines get pretty long and it wastes a lot of time but they're so worth it! and you might want to go back to the hotel every now and then to rest so...i'd say two days i perfect to get around to all the rides.

2-3 days at most.
itl get hot.
advice-so u dont have to carry the kids around. get the strollers.
hope i helped

I say 3-5 days. The little ones will wear you out. There are other adventures and sight seeing in that same area. Down the street is a place called Medieval Times. the kids and adults will get a real big kick out of that place.

I would go for 3 days... You can't get around the park as quickly as you can with older kids... and you'll probably need to take naps in the afternoon. (So get a hotel that's CLOSE to the entrance, like the Candy Cane Inn, or the Howard Johnson). A 3-day pass should give you enough time to see everything you want, and go back to see things a second time that you liked.

I wouldn't shortchange California Adventure. Even though it's the ugly stepsister at the Disneyland Resort, there are a lot of kid-friendly things there, including the Aladdin show at the Hyperion Theater (GREAT live Broadway-caliber show), a Bugs Land (rides for the little ones), Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, (a very fun area where kids can run, slide, and play), the Pixar Pals Parade, and the Sun Wheel.

Be sure to arrive early, and call 714-781-DINE to make reservations for sit-down eating. One of our favorite areas is Carnation Cafe. They have great tasting comfort food, and a PBJ for the kids that will keep them busy for 20 minutes or so (building the sandwich, then eating it).

Have fun!

one day is definately ENOUGH............ LOL.

2 for that young- 3 at the most.

Wow, your kids are pretty little for this yet.You need to have kids old enough to be troopers in the walking department or you will be stuck carrying them and their stuff. One day of that would be enough for me, certainly no more than 2.

?CaNnOt WaIt FoR cAmP rOcK?

5-7 days sounds good after that is overdoing it, and that won't be too expensive.. i think they even have deals for that amount of time

i say a week or 2 weeks it will be hard work with the kids because one will want to go on that ride and the other one want and so on!just make sure each day is planned

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