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Do children under age 2 have to pay for airline tickets?

I am plaining a trip with my grandson and just want to know how much it will cost me for him?

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If they take up a seat, they have to have a ticket.

Rich Z
No they are considered lap children. If the kid looks big you might need to bring some proof of age.

yes you still pay, if he is going to "fill" a seat , then hes considered a passenger. you might get a slight discount if any ,but every airline is different so do some checking b4 u decide on an airline. but i usually would find the one that had the highest cust., serv, rating and pay the little extra ,,,up to 10% at most.for a nicer trip.

It depends on where are you going. Domestic I am not sure as I live in singapore.

International, sure you need to even if he sit on your lap.

Usually 0 to 2 years - You pay 10% of first class ticket for economy seat.

2+ to 12 years - You pay almost 60-70% of normal economy fare

Ron Mexico
No way

Most airlines don't charge for 2 year old because they sit in your lap. Just check with your airline. Most of the time you can go online and check it.

yes, you pay by the seat not by the person

Age is no longer a factor in the cost of a ticket
If the child occupies a seat, (regardless of age) a ticket must be purchased. There is no child's fare.
If an infant can safely be held in one's lap; there is no cost.

any time a seat is used you have to pay for it.if its for luggage or if its for a carseat or if a person is over weight you have to pay for the extra seat..but it shouldnt be that way

Ellie04 SuperMILF
They get a discounted rate if you plan to have them sit in a seat. If they are on your lap, they are free.

Piece of advice. If you are traveling with another companion, book the aisle seat and the window leaving the center seat open. These are always the last to book, so it will most likely be open if you want to sit him there for part of the flight.

I can tell you I'm a Travel Agent and with a child under 2 at time of travel is considered a lap child. The only reason you would pay for the child is because you want a seat for you child. That depends on the airline on what they will charge, but most will charge an adult price considering child or not they are still taking up a seat on the plane.

Also you said Grandchild? If you are traveling internationally you need to get a notarized letter from both of the parents giving permission for you to travel with there child.

Hope this helps.

If they are able to take up one seat, then, yes. I believe this may vary from airline to airline. call and check!

english rose
not for the ticket but i have been charged insurance check that out he will be sitting on your knee and he must still be 2 on return

Da Ben Dan
no. but they do not get a seat. they must be held.

u should CALL the airline you are looking to book with. They might let u hold him on your lap?

Jen G
No you don't pay until they turn 2.

lori b
no you dont

Not if they sat on your lap

Andy FF1,2,CrTr,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
check with your airline.. each is a little different and they change their policies from time to time...

used to be you'd only have to pay if he/she took up a seat... so if they require a car seat, your child will take up a seat and will be charged.... but only the airline you are flying on can answer this for you...


every airline is diff but if they take up a seat then yes

no u dont but they will usually say they have to sit on your lap if the plane is full,if theres spare seats he can have it to himself!!

tapping toes
If he sits on you lap you don't have to buy a ticket. Just be sure to bring a copy of his birth certificate to show he is under 2. (You can bring the car seat and use it if there is an empty seat... they will check it if there is no room)
If you want him to be guaranteed a seat and use his car seat you will have to buy a ticket. I think different airlines have reduced fares for kids under 2... check to be sure.

Flying with kids is a little bit hectic.

Yes bc they are able to take up a seat.

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