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Do i need a visa to go on holiday to america?

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This will tell you about all countries & what they require.

To go on holiday you should only need a passport if your holiday is for less than three weeks. If it is for longer than that, you may need a visa.

You might want to check out the US Department of State website:

bob b
no visa needed for less than 90 days. just have to fill out a green form on the way there, they rip the bottom bit off whem you arrive and staple it into your passport. When you leave, they take it back from your passport.

The form is a right laugh, you have yes/no tick boxes that say you are not a terrorist, junkie, drug dealer etc.

I wonder if anybody ever ticks the yes box for these?

Anne K T
If you are from Britain and Ireland you don't need a visa to saty less than 3 months, and all you need is a dated return ticket to prove this, staying any longer if you don't have a visa staying one day over the time limit and you are automatically an illegal immigrant.

Depend what nationality you are, If your British... yes you do!!!!

It depends on where you're from.

If you're British or from most of the EU countries, and you have a machine readable passport, and are planning on staying for less than 90 days, and can answer no to such questions as "have you ever committed acts of genocide" and "have you ever smuggled or attempted to smuggle drugs" (yes, those are REAL questions on the Visa waiver form), then you don't.

You're probably best off checkout out the US Visa website:

You should be able to find out the details for your specific circumstances there.

Going from Europe inc UK you only need a visa for a holiday if you have a criminal record, no matter how petty the crime was.
It is quite expensive as you have to have a special sized passport photo, about £20, and then go to an American embassy. In the UK they are in London and Belfast. Cheaper and quicker to fly to Belfast. The cost for the visa is about £50 and lasts 10 years

no not from eire or uk

Quite simply, yes.

Clown Knows
Unless you are coming across the desert with a canteen instead of an official border crossing.

vivienne b
if you are traveling from uk and a british citzen then no you dont need a visa to travel to america as long as you havr a machine readable passport and still valied 90 days after your return home and i know this cos we are going to florida end of november for 2 weeks holiday we have to fill in a visa waiver form on the way there

from where ?

What colour is your skin? if it isn't white-man white then definitely

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