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How far South in The Us does it Snow?

How far south does it snow? How early in the fall/winter season does the snow begin. I'd like to plan a trip to see snowfall. I'm from Florida. I'd like to know if it snows in Georgia or South Carolina, even North Carolina and if so where would I go to see the most snowfall? When would be the best time to go?

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Fester Frump
To see the most snow, go to Buffalo NY.

If you want to see beautiful snowy mountain scenes - upstate Vermont, Colorado high country, Mt Rainer in Washington state, Lake Tahoe, CA - come to mind.

You can get snow almost anywhere - I've been in Houston when it snowed. Most southern regions will get a dusting of snow, that will melt within 12-24 hours of falling.

To see snow that sticks around for awhile - upstate NY.

Felix Arcanus
i live just north of new orleans and it snows here maybe once every 5 or 6 years.. but when it does snow, it's only like an inch or so. it generally won't snow more than once in any given 5-6 year time span.

i live in VA, def snows here, im thinkin no farther down than mid north carolina

bored at work

It doesn't really have much to do with latitude. For example, I live in San Francisco and it never gets cold enough here, but I know they've seen snow in north Texas, and anywhere there's mountains, regardless of how far north/south.

get some heavy ones in NC from time to time

Hawaii at the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. Doesn't get much souther than that.

Larry K
new mexico....and the panhandle of texas.

You have to be in the mountains, away from the coast for the best chance to see snow in the mountains. There are ski resorts in North Carolina. It does occasionally snow in Atlanta.

Snow normally starts around Halloween in northern New England in mid-late November as you work down through the Mid-Atlantic. In the south, it usually doesn't snow until December or January.

Lauren C
I've heard northern Florida get snow sometimes.

I believe it does snow at the tip of Texas, but I'm not absolutely sure. In Virginia it does snow usually every year, so I imagine that North Carolina would have a bit of snow.

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