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Penguin Chicky

How many days should you spend in each Disney World park?

I was thinking maybe two or three days in the Magic Kingdom (because if its anything like the LA version there will be a lot to see.) Then one day each for all the other parks?

What are your suggestions?

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Jamie C-Author of Only WDWorld
If you have never been to Disney World, there is certainly a lot to see. The make-up of your group ( young children, teenage children, no children) will definitely impact how much time you will want to spend in each of the parks, but let me give you the typical breakdown for a trip.

Since the Disney World Park Tickets and vacation packages are set to encourage people to spend an entire week, this is how I would divide the 7 days:

2 days at the Magic Kingdom
2 Days at Epcot
1 Day at Hollywood Studios
1 Day at Animal Kingdom

Family Vote on the 7th day to either return to one of the other parks or do a Water Park/Downtown Disney day.

Disney World is best enjoyed when it is not a race. The ability to take in the details and enjoy the parades and live entertainment are a large part of the Disney Experience. Epcot, for example, has over 18 live performance acts ( ) that appear in different areas of the park regularly in additional to the normal attractions.

Although Disney World has some very exciting rides (Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest), where they excel is in the theming, attention to detail, and the live shows. If you just race from one ride to the next, you may miss out on what really separates Disney World from other amusement parks.

So my final advice, spend an entire week there if you are able. Have an initial plan similar to what I showed above, but give yourself the flexibility to spend more time in the areas you really enjoyed and a little less in the ones that may not appeal to you as much.

Addicted to Y!A
I find the park hopper tickets work well. If you go from very opening (usually between 7 and 8am) and stay until close (usually anywhere between 9pm and 11pm) you can see enough. Be sure you use "fast pass" if you are riding rides, and a special hint: When you go to the park IMMEDIATELY walk to the back and start riding there. You'll miss all the traffic at the front of the park when you get there later because everyone will have traveled to the back. Have fun!!!!!!

The Orlando one is the best and first one. I have been twice and there is seriously a lot to see. I would personally suggest spend the most at Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios. But still save some money for Busch Gardens. Sherika is really scary! I went at the front 2 or 3 times!

It depends Magic Kingdom has the most rides so 2 days would give you more time to spread things out, EPCOT has some rides but if you want to see all the countries you might need 2 days, Hollywood Studios is good for a day unless you want to see every single show, and Animal Kingdom is good in one day usually.
Good Luck choosing!

Indiana Jones
there is definitely alot to see at magic kingdom but i don't think you need 3 days for it.
i would say:
-magic kingdom 2 days
-hollywood studios 1 day
-epcot 2 days (if you want to do it all including: rides, playing in inoventions, walking around all the countries and watching the short historical films and taking in all each country has to offer such as danceers and singers then it will take more than just 1 day)
-animal kingdom 1 day

1 day in Epcot, 1 day at MGM, 1 day at Animal Kingdom, 2 days at Magic Kingdom

It depends how old you are and if you're with children. I would personally say

Magic Kingdom- 1 day
Epcot- at least 1 day
Animal Kingdom- 1 day
Studios- 1 day

I would also visit Universal, go to a disney waterpark (or Wet and Wild) and spend an evening at downtown disney.

It depends really!
Atleast one full day in each park!
But then theres the night time parades and firework displays - You must not miss them now!

Have fun! X

It is always better to spend at least one day in each park. Then figure out which parks are your favorites and go back and spend what extra days you have exploring them. Honestly though, you could spend 4-5 days in each park and still not accomplish everything that there is to do.

Epcot really is better to have two days to explore. That way you aren't rushed through each section of the park. One day for the world showcase inside Epcot is best. There's so much to see there, it'll blow your mind. What you may want to do is divide Epcot in half and spend half of it on the day you go to Hollywood Studios. It really doesn't take a full day to get in the top attractions at Hollywood Studios. This is only good if you've got the park hopper option though.

How much time you need to spend in each park has a lot of deciding factors. MK usually takes longer (even though it's the second smallest of the four), simply because it's the most crowded. I've been five times, and still haven't gotten to do everything I've wanted to. If there are little ones in your party, waiting in line to meet characters could take up a good amount of your day. I'm an adult, but I still wait in line for the characters. Plus, everyone in your party might now want to do the same thing that you are doing. If there are more than three people in your party, I'd suggest splitting up.

paco v
II live near the parks and go alot with my family...2 days to see magic kingdom ,2 days for epcot,1 day each for themgm and the animal kingdom....Havea great time

I think that's about right. I recon you should spend 2 days in MGM studios too. If you are planning to go. When I went there was loads to do. Have a great time.

*Magic Kingdom - 2 and maybe 1/2 days
Its WAY bigger than Disneyland, but you can do everything you want in 2 days and depending on the age of the people going (a 13 year old will want to go on splash mountain, not dumbo like a 4 year old.) it might take 2 and 1/2

*EPCOT - 1 day
I don't like this park. I went through everything i wanted in 3 hours.

*Hollywood Studios - 1 day and 1/2
It does not have a whole lot of rides, but great shows and little things.

*Animal Kingdom - 1 day
It's a great park, but yu go through easily.

To see and do everything Disney has it would take at least 2-3 weeks! i spend a full day at all the parks and i miss most of the shows and don't see any of the characters. I would spend at least 2 days per park. Epcot and the Magic Kingdom should be more if you want to see all of the shows meet characters and ride everything. If you like to shop Downtown Disney is also at least a day. I say just go to have fun see what you can and just enjoy it.

natti s
There's a lot to do in each park -four total- I would say no more than two days in each is enough to do what you want. Maybe three in Magic Kingdom since there's a lot of rides. Have fun!

good question I would agree with Jamie C I was there last year and going back in april a love it would live there if a could but honestly magic kingdom 2 maybe 3 days its such a wonderful place the fire works at the end u forget all ur troubles and when ur there with ur loved ones its all that counts the rest of the parks a think one day is enough we didnt manage water parks but we did go to clearwater as well to get married great day so we only had 9 days in orlanda and spent the rest of the time in clearwater if u have time drive down there its lovely beach is so lovely enjoy urself x

The Magic Kingdom is Orlando is twice as big as the one in California and it does the the longest to complete. However, each of the parks are so big it's impossible to complete everything they have to offer to in trip.

Magic Kingdom- 2 days.
Hollywood Studios- 2 days.
Epcot- 1 day.
Animal Kingdom- 1 day. (don't go there if it's raining that day, there is no where for run for cover)

When I went I spent 2 days in Magic Kingdom and 1 in each of the other parks but it wasn't long enough so I would recommend 3 days in magic kingdom and 1 day in each of the others.

When I go we usually just spend one full day at each, that's really all you need. xD

Well i say stay there till you enjoy and if you get bored then

I think MK is the easiest park to get through, one day would be enough. You can do the others in a day. But I think AK and EPCOT need two, they both are much larger and just walking around them takes more time

i'll say two days at each park...they're all really great, fun, & big parks! the LA version is awesome too only becuz it's the original!

you will see it all in one day

hi , we spent 2 days in magic kingdom and 1 day in all the rest xx but still didnt see it all xx have a nice hoilday xx

? Juicy Heiress ?
I have always spent 1 full day in each park and found that was enough to go on all the rides, wander round, have lunch, etc.

However if it's extremely busy or you want to see every little detail/attraction then you may need 2 days.

I have been to LA plenty of times, and going there this year aswell!

If you are going with your children.. if you have any, then spend about 2 days.
But I only reccomend one day.

Two days in universal studios, and you should go to Knott's Berry Farm - America's 1st Theme Park!

Have fun. :D

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