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Jo H

How should we surprise our kids at Christmas with Disney trip in June?

We're going to Disney in June and we want to tell them on Christmas. Any ideas? They are 10, 4, and 3 years old.

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HOW FUN!! buy a really big box wrap it up with Disney wrapping- paper and put your kids names on the big box. inside the box have a poster sign saying Merry Christmas your going to Disneyworld in June!!! Each month for five months until June do something Disney related with your kids. Meanwhile you can order a free Disneyworld vacation DVD at their website.

Here are some ideas::
January: watch a Disney movie every Friday making it a movie night of your kids favorite movie
Feb: show your kids the Free Disneyworld DVD
March: plan out your vacation with the kids each day of your trip, for example what park will your go to first, and maybe place the schedule on the refrigerator so the kids can see it everyday
April: have your kids do special chores each week writing done a tab like $3 or more dollars per week per kid. so when you are at Disneyworld you can give your kids spending money according to their completed chores and your tab
May: go vacation shopping including Disney wear from the Disney Store and start packing early

defianately don't tell them--the 4 and 3 yr old have no conception of 'time". You will be hounded everyday.....when are we going? Repeatedly!!!

Oh gosh - I wouldn't think of having them wait half a year for something like that. Especially the little ones - that's a huge chunk of their lives. Waiting forever for something like that would be absolutely miserable - they wouldn't get it.

It's great that you are going, it's great that you are planning. But I'd sure keep it very non-specific if you say anything at all until you are ready to start packing luggage.... a big surprise when the school year is over... something like that.

But honestly, I'd pass on bringing it up at all, at this point.

your trampoline
I definitely would not tell them. That is such a long time, especially for little ones.

I've always thought that the BEST way to surprise kids with a trip like that would be to tell them the morning you're leaving! I think that would be so much fun to wake up and find out you're going to Disney World THAT DAY! That's what I plan on doing with my kids anyway (not to Disney since I live in Orlando, but some other destination haha).

Fish are friends, not food (:
My parents did this one year.! I was 10 or 11 and I remember. That night, 'Santa' put lots of Disney things by his empty plate.(Disney things were mickey ears, stuffed animals for my 2 sisters and I of a disney person, little Disney trinkets, etc.) Next to all the Disney things there was also a card that he 'made' on special paper. Inside, it said something like "are you excited for the summer? well, you should be more excited after you read this letter! Your old pal mickey phoned the north pole telling ud that you have been very good this year and he would like to award you with a trip to walt disney world!!!!"

My sisters and I screamed for a long time ha ha.!

or have mickey call you!

Marina J
Send them a letter from Mickey Mouse personally inviting them to visit him at Disneyland. My cousin did this and her kids were so excited to have been "personally invited" by Mickey Mouse himself. It was really cool.

Wrap some mickey mouse ears or something little and random like that, then when they open them and go "ooook huh?" tell them the big news!

Indiana Jones
well i'm going in 5 days and my soon to be 10 year old niece hasn't a clue. we are surprising her on christmas too.
we got her a minnie doll and wrote a note with it that says something along the lines of "how would you like to ring in the new year with us?! well pack your bags because your plane awaits. you will be leaving on saturday december 27th. "C" you real soon!"

i think its a great way to tell her. maybe you could do something like that.

the only flaw in your plan is that they will have to wait 6 MONTHS vs my niece only has to wait 2 DAYS.
i'm sure if your mind is set i won't to be able to change it but perhaps it would be better to tell them in the same way but on easter cuz its much closer to your travel date.

but either way it will be a fabulous surprise!

if you end up telling them on christmas maybe you could make a links chain (like you'd make for christmas count down) and have them pull one off each day that might cut down on the "when are we going?! when are we going?!" constant nagging.

The ten year old would understand, but the other two would drive you crazy literally asking every day if they are going tomorrow. Just wait and tell the two young ones in May. By the way, you can save money by renting a time share to stay in direct from owners. Try and You can put an ad for free on saying you are looking for a place to rent and they will notify owners
When my youngest was 1 1/2 , my son was 7 and my daughter was 16, we stayed at a timeshare and it was just perfect because there were three bedrooms so we all had privacy and the baby could nap in peace while the others watched tv in the living room and a kitchen so the younger ones could eat whenever they wanted to in the kitchen and we saved money on breakfast, and all three of them found kids staying with families there who were their age who they hung out with.

????l??a? ????? ??? z????????
The one above me is gud. But i kinda agree with the others, on waiting.

Another option is wait until a like.. week until you go or really close to when you leave. Just tell them that you all are going on a trip somewhere and they can be guessing what it is til you get there plus you could give clues! it will be so exciting. If they don;t guess before you get there they won't find out to they see it!

My mum did this with me last year, not quite the same plus i was 15 but, she told me like a week before hand we was going somewhere and i was guessing tryna fingure it out, but i didn't find out we was going to los angeles til i was boarding the plane when i heard it being annouced on the speaker. though they wouldn't know by that if that don't know what city Disney is in lol

Don't tell them then.

1) They'll be bugging you for months about it
2) The alternative would be they forget about it anyways
3) It's not a Christmas present if you have to wait half a year for it

My advice is to not tell them until a few weeks before or the most a month before so they can get good and psyched up for it. But please don't ask a 3 year old to remember Disney in 6 months. Like I said, they are too young so they will either keep repeating it every day until they get what they want because they have no concept of time and you'll eventually regret saying anything or they won't remember anything until it actually happens anyways. Don't do it! LOL

hope this helps, good luck and have fun!

(ps - paying a little more to where you don't have to wait in 3 hour lines (not exaggerating either) is money well spent)

I'd wait 'till they're almost out of school (sometime in May) to tell them.
If you absolutely can't wait (like, maybe this surprise IS their Christmas gift) then I'd suggest something creative, like a Disney themed Christmas and have them guess the reason behind it but again, I'd only do it if this is goinf to be their one and only gift. Happy Holidays!

Answer my question!;_ylt=AhbbIqqR3_48fBBxLOKIuivsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081222191445AApHFi5

I was watching a youtube video once of this little girl (she was maybe 5) and she was just learning how to read, and they wrote 'you are going to disney world on it' and tried to get her to read it. Maybe you can wrap up a letter and a Mickey stuffed toy or something as a present and have three different ones and have them all open them up at the same time (and the oldest one can read it).

also if I was a kid and my mom told me I was going in June in December, I would be so excited. I don't think the wait would KILL me, it would just give me something to look forward to and work hard through the rest of the school year!

We are surpising my brother with a Disney trip on Christmas too!

What we did was we got a stuffed Mickey from the Disney store and he was dressed in a Santa suit. Then we put him in a large Disney box and put a message rolled up in his hand that said:

See you real soon in big letters on the top with a winter picture of Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Then at the bottom it said pack your bags because your coming to the Magic Kingdom and then it said the dates.

It looks really cute.

I would put several clues into boxes and wrap them up. Play some sort of game where you ask easy, and age appropriate Disney trivia questions. If they get it right, they open a box to reveal a clue. You may have to ask your 10 year old not to give the answer until all boxes are open. It would really hype them up I think.
Enjoy your trip.

Norman O
Tell them that they can't go. What a surprise!

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