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How to get from Washington DC to JFK by bus?

Hi, I am travelling from DC to JFK on April 4th. I have to be at the JFK airport no later than 5 pm. I live in Washington DC and I was wondering what is the best bus/ground transportation to JFK from DC? Thank you in advance, Nem

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i recommend you try to some of the low-cost buses if you can't afford the train (which runs about 70-100 bucks one way). The buses are affordable (about 40 bucks round trip). you can get anywhere in NYC when arriving in JFK because of the metro, so you have many options in terms of buses to DC. Try: also look at this link below in the sources for buses leaving from chinatown.

You can get a Greyhound bus from DC to New York's Port Authority bus terminal, and from there you can get another bus to JFK Airport.

Greyhound runs from DC to New York City and goes to the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 41 Street and 8 Avenue. The trip is about four and a half hours, say five to allow for any delays. In New York, there are frequent buses (about every 10 minutes during the day) leaving from 42 Street and Park Avenue, across the street from Grand Central Station, to JFK. That trip is about 30 minutes. To get to 42 Street and Park Avenue from the Port Authority Terminal you can walk one block uptown to 42 Street and take the 42 Street crosstown bus to Park Avenue and the bus to JFK. To be on the safe side, allow yourself about 30 minutes for this trip. So, the entire trip from DC to JFK would be about 6 hours if you figure the maximum time--five hours from DC to New York on Greyhound, 30 minutes from Greyhound to the JFK bus, and 30 minutes on the JFK bus from Manhattan to JFK. This means that in order to be at JFK at 5 pm you have to leave DC no later than 11 am. Of course, the exact time you would leave DC depends on the time Greyhound leaves DC and arrives in New York, so if there is no 11 am bus from DC you would have to take an earlier bus. But you should not arrive in New York later than 4 pm. Bon voyage!

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