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I live in fla. and want to drive to see snow around christmas time , how far will i have to go?

if we leave fla. and drive , how far or where should we go to see snow ? the least amount of distance, but for sure it will have snow in december? anybody have any ideas? last year my daughter now 6 wanted so very badly to play in snow, my hubby came up with an idea " lets just hop in the car and drive untill we get to the snow" great! but where would that be?

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watch the weather but you might find it in northern Kentucky if you drive north, but definitely in Ohio. going east probably D.C.


Northern VA, MD. I think you'd have a good chance with those. You have to watch the weather channel though. I live in MD and we get pretty good snow.

Melanie P
maybe northern california would have snow? that's my guess.

Point the vehicle south and drive for 14 hours. You will eventually end up around the US/Canadian border. If you want alot of snow go to Buffalo N.Y or to Ontario Canada.

Probably Tennessee or North Carolina. Thats about a good place where some muntains begin. I'm not sure but maybe even georgia might have some mountain areas too. I know north carolina and tennessee have some ski areas in the mountin areas.

Maija W
If you want a lot of snow, Ohio. If you don't want a lot. Maybe past Georgia a little bit =]
ahahahhaha. good luck! Have fun.

What kind of excitement are you looking for besides snow? I would go to Chicago. The possibilities are endless. There is so much to do for the whole family. The family might enjoy the beautiful horse and carriage rides offered around the town for about $40 dollars, even ice skating in the park or even the holiday Macy's Parade. There are hotels everywhere varying in prices. FYI wherever you decide to go remember all the "snow gear". Have fun!

I live in west Michigan and we get alot of snow . we do have beautiful places here the more north you go the prettier it is. I would say northern michigan gets the most snow.

I live in kentucky and it only snows like a few times a year If you want guaranteed snow you will have to go up north pretty far. Just watch the weather channel.

If you want to see GOOD snow, check out New York City or Pennsylvania.


Robert C
could be up to Jersey or Massachusetts even New Hampshire

you be lucky if it's any more south that's a bit early for real snow any further south

Well when it gets near winter you should check for snow storms but if your looking for an arttifical snow place there are different ski resorts and stuff like that. In Indiana there is a place called Perfect North Slopes and you can go tubeing and skiing/ snowboarding

it snows in tennessee :) it's about...800 miles

Jenni Rosplock
Possibly north carolina

If I were you, I'd head for the Michigan Peninsula or the Northern Plains States. Other than that, it's Canada, except for their Southern West coast.

That depends on the weather. I live in Indiana and we don't always have snow at Christmas.

Personally, I think your hubby's idea was the best! Drive until you get to snow! It won't be that far. You can NEVER tell with the weather when and where snow will be on a planned trip. YOu can check your weather and that of the weather as you procede up north, I guess but, personally, I think your hubby's suggestion is so great and exciting. It's like an adventure! Go for it! Drive till you meet the snow!!! Of course, you've gotta wait until it's like snow season --- December???

I live in Ohio. Sometimes we have snow and sometimes we don't. I know Michigan has more snow than Ohio. If you want an almost guarantee of snow for Christmas, you may have to go to someplace like Colorado (Boulder, Estes, etc.).

I would recommend talking to a travel agent and or AAA and keep an eye on the weather channel.

Nick B
Georgia? are you kidding? I'm in Virginia, and i never see snow. anything north of Washington DC probably. i used to live in Michigan.

NE ga mountains about 8 hours from Orlando

i live in canton ohio and you might see some in west virginia but definetly is southern ohio like cincinnati

That's a tough question?

I grew up in northern Wisconsin and 99% on the time we had a lot of snow at Christmas. I do remember one year though when it rained heavily on Christmas day.

So I don't think anyone can guarantee you snow. You'll just have to keep an eye on the weather. Also, how much snow do you want? A light dusting or real sledding, make a snowman, winter wonderland type snow.

I live in Massachusetts and we don't always have snow at Christmas. You need to go to Buffalo, NY or Syracuse, NY where they get the lakes effect snow.
I would not drive because if you come across ice or a snow storm it can be VERY dangerous. I'd fly if I was you to Niagara Falls, NY if you want to go to the Canadian side of the falls then you need the proper paper work to cross the boarder. The view of the falls is better from the Canadian side of the falls.

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