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I live in the north and want to move to the South? Where should I move to or avoid? Thanks!?

I'm considering Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky (especially Kentucky!!!) don't do much for me.

I'm considering some important factors, which include natural beauty, attractions, friendliness, cleanliness of the area, climate, cost of living, and job market. The state's I'm considering all rank high in these areas (heck, TN and TX don't even have a state income tax!)
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Wait, I forgot, I'm also looking into Louisiana. I like Louisiana.

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First of all, Texas isn't the South. Texas is Texas. I know it sounds silly, but its different. Texas is just as friendly as the South, but its just different somehow. Being a Southern gal myself, I love my home state of Alabama, although I also love Texas. If you are wanting Southern flavor, Florida isn't the place (since its mostly transplants. Although the beaches are lovely). It just depends on what you want. But may I also suggest that if you are really serious, you look up weather patterns and pollen reports? I know it sounds crazy, but it matters. Alot. The South is lovely, but certain areas are more prone to tornados, hurricanes, flooding, etc. I lived in Florida for 3 years and had to pretty much keep a car packed the entire summer season in case a hurricane came too close. And where I came from in Alabama we were in a tornado alley. Makes a real fun break in the weather report, but not real cool afterwards... In Alabama I came from an area called the "Tennessee Valley". It was a really bad place for allergy sufferers. In Florida, we had the pollen from pine trees. Everytime we went from pine tree pollen to home, my son would be miserable due to allergies. So might wanna take a trip and do a "mini vacation" to the areas you are looking at before you decide. I love the seasons we get, I loved that it hardly EVER snowed. (On the flip side, our roads would close down and towns would flip out if snow stuck to the road. Yes, its hillarious.) Summers can get really hot, nasty humid, and you feel sticky all the time. As a local girl, I love going back to the smaller towns where people wave as you drive by, they ask how you are doing and actually expect a reply, and time just moves slower. We have our big cities and smaller ones too, but there's just something about home!
Oh yeah, I love Georgia too. Savannah is one of the prettiest Southern cities I've ever seen. Just do alot of research before you decide.


Batesvile Arkansas is surrounded by small Mountains and fresh running water and has a good job market also has a good bit of things to do and is close to other towns that have good things to do. Anywhere in northern Arkansas is beautiful and most of the ppl are very friendly and helpful. I haven't spent much time in southern Arkansas so can't say alot about it. But alot of ppl love Hot Springs AR. Good luck and God bless.

old school
Go to the library. In the reference section there should be a book called Places Rated Almanac. Great starting point.

i live in GA so naturally i think it's the best. on the south side of Metro Atlanta its nice just enough going on to be in a civilized place, but not so far out in teh country that you have to drive forever to get to anything
TN is nice too... my grandparents used to have a 'vacation' home there and it was literally in the middle of NO WHERE-- we had to drive an hour and any direction to find a restaurant or wal-mart! but the larger cities are really nice!

Texas. The people are friendly, we have a beautiful state that is diverse. You can go to our beaches or go to our thick pine forests or go to our plains or go to the desert. The cost of living is still pretty low and housing is cheap. Around Houston, there are still plenty of jobs. We just received a property tax reduction from the state so the cost of living just got cheaper.

My vote would be South Carolina or Virginia.....I live in PA and I have also through about moving more south but I would not want to go soo south that it kills me in the summer and that I would never see snow again.......I think Virginia is the best choose.

Gas is cheap in OK, so maybe OK City, OK or Tulsa, OK.

I've lived in Tennessee (eastern part) and it's beautiful, as you're not that far from the Great Smoky Mountains. The climate is not as dreadfully hot or as humid as you might find further south.

Birmingham is a hidden gem. An extremely livable city with a great music scene (not as good as Nashville's, but whose is?), a rocking economy (2.9% unemployment), great scenery, friendly people and a low cost of living. We were astonished at what we found when we moved here.

Miss Emm
South Carolina has taxes out the wazoo... if I'd have known what it was like before I got here I wouldn't have come.
Also, it's the middle of the Bible Belt... strange views down here, and communication is a *****. Half the time I can't understand what people are saying.
It does have beauty though. Table Rock and Caesar's Head State Parks, along with Paris Mountain are beautiful....Still... beauty can be found anywhere.
I don't like it here, but I'm kinda stuck, so ...
Good luck with your search, and be happy!

I know you are not favorable towards NC, but seriously check out Asheville. It is very unlike any other NC city. As far as natural beauty, you can't beat it. It's right up in the Great Smokey Mountains. It is very clean, has a lot of available jobs, and has a decent cost of living. The climate is nice beacuase it has all four seasons. The winter is short and mild. The summers do not get as hot as other parts of the south. The people there are very laid back and friendly. There is a good music and arts scene as well. I am speaking as an outsider. I live in NC but not Asheville, although I am hoping to soon. Good luck in your search.

I live in Houston, grew up in baltimore. The housing here is dirt cheap, lots of jobs, people are nice. You have the water here plus lakes and hiking. Houston is very industrial, though. Very hot and humid, more than miami (I lived there 8 years). I like it here but I'm not sure if this is forever.

Cost of living is cheap here; federal workers do get the 2nd highesy cola here though: 26%. No state income tax. You can check the local housing market at

check out:

league city / clear lake

One problem, though: everybody drinks bud light. I hate that crap.

If you move to Georgia, I would move to either Canton, Woodstock, or Cartersville. They are close enough to Atlanta, but not right in the heart of it. I know from Canton or Cartersville it usually takes about 45 minutes to get to Atlanta, and only about 35 minutes to get to Buckhead, which also has great restaurants and places to hang out. Also the cost of living is cheaper out side of Atlanta. I don't know if that is a concern or not, but I know moving can be expensive, so I thought I would just give you a small tip!

I live in Eastern TN and it is gorgeous. I'm right in the smoky mountains. It isn't as hot here because of the elevation. The only thing is there are so many flowers and trees that if you have allergies you have to be on your meds year-round. It isn't bad though. There are more job opportunities in the bigger cities of course. I love TN! Sales tax is higher in places that don't have an income tax. Ours in 9.5%. If you move to TN stay in middle to eastern TN...West TN is awful-ugly, hot, high crime, etc. You could check out this website to help you in your search...just type in the city or state to search.

p.s. do realize that by moving to the South, things go a lot slower and people say words differently! We hate it when a Northerner comes down here and tries to change us! Our way of doing things isn't wrong-it is just different than what you may be used to.

I live in Texas!! Come here!

La la
North Cakalakie its cool

summer g
thats an easy one for me to answer!!! i have lived in practically every state you have mentioned!!! grew up in dallas, lived louisiana, florida, arkansas, georgia, virginia, west virginia and have travelled everywhere inbetween. i have also lived in new york and toronto, so i understand the fast pace (or at least faster pace than our southern friends!!!) i decided to settle in marietta, georgia. a suburb of atlanta. its great! you have the northern fast pace with the southern feel. the weather is prety steady, with only a brief mild winter. the flowers are in bloom everywhere practically year round. there is a ton of money to be made out here, plus very low taxes!! the price of living compares to places like detroit, buffalo ny... there is plenty of culture... great mountain biking, golf, tennis. horse back riding!! the women are beautiful... and the men exude southern charm!! you can have fun being single and its also a great family atmosphere! i couldnt tell you a bad thing about georgia...except maybe one thing...THE COPS ARE VERY SERIOUS... THEY ARE EVERYWHERE... but they let you drive up to about 84 before they decide to write you a ticket. good luck!!!

my son has lived in Texas for the last 15 years. The Dallas area is really nice. Yes, it's hot in summer, but Dallas-Ft Worth is a metroplex where there are jobs jobs jobs, and oh by the way - Texas income taxes are ZERO!!
There is a sales tax of 8%, but that's peanuts compared to state income taxe rates in surrounding states.
Also, there have been zero hurricanes in north Texas in the past thirty years. And we all know what happened to louisiana last hurricane season.

southern comfort
I live in is a beautiful state..low cost of living..friendly people..

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