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I plan on moving to Los Angeles. How much money do you think I need to make the move?

I plan on sharing a place with roommates.
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I am only taking clothes. Everything else I might need, I'll just buy it in L.A. I'm moving from Birmingham, AL.

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I live here and it's it crazy 1,200 for a one bedroom so hope that you know people who you can stay need alots of money to move start..sorry

Steve H
A little more info would be helpful. If you are moving from NYC, it will cost more than if you are moving from Oakland.

Cristina A

Not an easy question to answer. It depends on what your lifestyle is like today to know what wil be comparable in L.A.

Here is a cost of living calculator you can use (looks like it's down right now) to compare what $x in one city translates to in another city:

In general, though, it's pretty expensive.

Just VISITING Los Angeles this summer, I spent $2,000 in one week for my 3 kids and myself for food, hotel, and basic entertainment. It is VERY expensive out there compared to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Also, I have several family members who live in LA and surrounding counties and they are slowly moving over here! They hate the smog filled city, the extremely high crime, the rude people (although several of my family members have inherited that characteristic..heehee j/k) An uncle of mine sold his LA home and bought 3 BRAND NEW homes here in SA. Thats insane!! Well be ready to spend, spend, spend!

Who knows.

How far is the move?

How much stuff do you have? Will you need a moving van or can you get away with your car and a trailer?

Most rentals require 1st and last month's rent and maybe even a security deposit. What is the market for apartments?

Do you have a job lined up? How long can you go without a job?

I"m afraid the Shiek is probably about right.


ABout 45,000 for apartment or house is 75,000

A pile of money that goes from your table all the way to the sun.

Barkley Hound
From where?

Where are you moving from and what are you taking? I just moved from LA to NC and the whole move cost me nearly $4,000.00

Always have at least 3 months rent and $ for food, gas, car insurance. Try to get a job before you move so you have money coming in right away. Also remember you can go to yard sales and Goodwill to get the stuff you need for the house, you don't have to but everything new.

The correct answer to that question is dependent on many different things. Ask yourself these questions:
1- How much will it cost to travel to LA?

2- What is the cost of housing in LA?

3- What profession am I in and how long will it take me to find a job and start earning an income?

4- What am I bringing with me? Will I have to furnish a place for myself? Remember that even little things like silverware and other household goods can add up quickly.

5th and final thing- If I hate LA do I have the money to pick up and travel somewhere else and start over?

Moving takes a lot of focus in order to allow things to go smoothly. Just remember that things don't necessarily have to go your way in order to go smoothly. Stay flexible and you will find a perfect fit for yourself. Good Luck!

Red Winged Bandit

Can I go with you? I HATE MISSOURI- the blow me state

Nancy O
Los Angeles the city or county? Near the beach or more inland? Pull up an LA newspaper classifieds and check out what they are asking.

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