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February girl

If I run away from home, where should I go? What should I bring?

I'm just wondering because I am 13 years old and I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I really want to run away from home, but I have no money and no place to go. If I did run away, does anyone know where I could go? What all should I bring? If I have to buy something, what should I get? And how could I make my living conditions, after I run away, the best they can be?

No matter what you say, I will run away, so don't even try and talk me out of it. So, just tell me what I asked for and nothing else.

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Do yourself a favor and go to a shelter or a YWCA. Don't live on the streets or with any guys or with any party people. That's just a junkie/call girl situation waiting to happen. EWWWW!

You might be capable of taking care of some things yourself, but there is no way you can get a job, an apartment, a driver's license or sign a legal contract. So....what's your plan on surviving and killing time for the next 3 to 5 years?

Things to bring: identification (school ID, birth certificate?) knife, string, duct tape or electrical tape, lighter, blanket, two layers of sweatshirts and jacket, boots, socks, undies, hat, gloves, canteen or water bottle, cell phone and charger (if u have one), a list of important names and phone numbers in case you need help, toothbrush, tampons, glasses, house keys (if you have one -- might want to return some day).

You need to talk to someone. Please consider calling the Girls and Boys Town National Hotline. They can help you. Here is their number:


Well more than likely you'll either get murdered by some nut, forced into prostitution, and or become a drug addict. Before you waste your life, stop, and think. If you do run away, your more likely to survive in the woods, than you would on the streets, society, the real world is tough. Grow up.

jay k
Sure you can run away, but realize unless you get some money, food, and shelter you are screwed. I'm sure the problems in your life right now are small compared to the ones you would deal with on your own. Think twice before making a mistake.

Are you being abused?? Then, you need to consult the police , a hotline or a school counselor.

Lex (The Tech)
Ummmmm Try a friends house.

Why are you running away? I know **** can get bad but you can always run away from your problems. thats no way to live.

Call 1-800-BoysTown. It's in Omaha, NE, about 6 hours away. You can actually live there, but eventually you're going to have to open up about what's going on and why you have issues that make you want to run away. Whatever problems you're having... this will not make it easier.

Good luck and God speed.

Why 32?
Ah, I remember when I wanted to run away. I never did though. I'm not gonna try to stop you, though. But, isn't running away illegal or something? -shrugs-
I don't know if they have this place in Minnesota but, there's this place in my city where you can stay and they won't tell your parents. It's called Daybreak and there's this other one called Your House South.

sounds like a stupid plan to me. i would advise against it.. you don't want to end up dead. And if people message you on here def. don't be stupid enough to try to set something up with them they are probably old fat rapists and pedophiles who will rape you and then kill you. And im sure thats not as bad as whats going on at home that you want to run away from.. and if it is that bad then you need to talk to someone you trust and get help

Can you explain the problems you have at home? I live in Rosemount, MN.

You're too young to have any responsibilities. It is very dangerous out there...even in a car I got robbed! You can get rapped, is not a world for little girls out there. There is really no place you can go but the streets. It smells, let along not a very warm weather'll be cold for you.

Is someone abusing you in your home? Please think about how scared everyone will be for you.

If there is violence in your home, you need to go to the police and they will put you in temp home for girls like you. Then you will be put up for adoption...if they think your parents are unfit for you.

Hopefully, you will think hard.

thats the worst thing you could
do run away your 13 you wont last
long DONT run away !

Just stay home. Nobody here wants to hear about a 13 year old run aways corpse being found in a ditch along a highway.

Okay, your choice
The best way to ensure decent living conditions is running away to a friends house.
If you have no money, get some. Borrow some from a friend or something because you will need it. I'm pretty sure someone you know will take you in until things get better because you definately don't want to be on the streets. Thats very dangerous. Just be sure whatever you do is safe and follow your gut instincts.

I dont think youre gona find any assistance on yahoo answers due to the fact we(the ppl answering you) could possibly get into trouble in doing so.

You are only 13 so talk with your school counselor, if you cant talk with your parent(s) and mayb he/she will be better able to assist you with your problem(s). Or you could call hotline of some sort (just google : teen runaway hotlines)

Also many run-aways later regret running away due to the harsh realities of this very cruel world. Just take an adult moment (since you seem to be wanting to act like one) and think of what all could happen to you if you run away from home. Many run aways live on streets, or in shelters for a day or so, they are hungry due to no money, they cant get jobs (legally), then things get really bad - - prostitution, drugs, rape, etc. Thats a whole lot worse than what you got now. Dont take what im saying wrong, maybe things are bad where you live now - - abusive, i dont know your situation but i do know that there are many options other that running away.

As i said b4, talk to some one, a counselor or a hotline, be very informed b4 you decide what you think is the right thing to do, and you will see that running away is not the right or smart thing to do.

can goods and a can opener
you will be fine you have all the details worked out it seems.
oh and extra socks
cant have to many socks

considering you will run no matter what anyone tells you. Then i won't say why you shouldn't

Bring food,$, changes of clothes, lighter, first aid kit (you never know) and any meds you have. cell phone, and laptop with internet access(if you have one)
Go- a friends or relatives house, police station, school, library (?)

just don't run away, we all had to deal with hard issues but running away isn't going to solve anything, when you come back (and you will) the problem will still be there and it will even be bigger. I'm telling you you have 3 yrs b4 you can even get a job, you said you don't want any other opinions but if you just need someone to talk to i would be happy to give you my number and you can call me anytime, please don't do it you are going to ruin your life, 13 was the hardest time of my life, but it is harder being on your own and having to deal with the struggles of life please if you don't talk to me talk to someone, i know this is hard for you to understand right now but when you get my age you will understand completely

Teens, lol. Come on kid relax. Nobody can legally give you advice because that would be aiding and abedding a minor. There are other options. If you are being abused than you need to call the proper auhorities. Otherwise, only another five years. I'm no even sure if you can get a work permit at that age in Minnesota.

So you want to run away, but you don't know ANYTHING about it, where you're going, what you're going with, and how you're going to get there, am I correct?

Then do this for me.
Find YOURSELF first. Find out WHERE you're going, WHY you're going, HOW you're going to survive without any MONEY in a world of hungry people? WHO you're staying with? and in the long run, 10 years from now, where are you going to be? At age 23, still running?

At the age of 13, you can't go anywhere. You can't WORK until you're 16, therefore you can't get any money, You can't live anywhere, as in a motel or apartment, you'll have to pay more than 100 dollars a month, and thats a far way to go from ZERO. If you get caught, they'll take you in and call your parents to come pick you up.

Just don't do it, and if you do, be prepared for what's out there, and your consequences.

Why don't you ask if you can spend some time at a relative's house if you need a break from your family for a while to hash things out. Trust me, a 13 year old alone on the street in St. Paul (or nearly anywhere else) will be attacked, molested, beaten and possibly killed. If things at home are impossible, if you're being abused or horribly neglected, you can get police involvement and get to a safe place. But if you're just wanting to run away because you think your parents are unfair or control you or something like that, that's no reason to run away.

I am just saying you shouldn't run away. But here is somethings.Friend house, Museum, Library, Mall, other relatives. Bring food, water, money, phone, clothes. Earn up money before leaving if you do run. But why are you unning?

NO thats some bs

get yourself emancipated

become your own adult

tho theres the process to get emancipated, its the BEST way to get away from your bad life or w/e legally, and you can have support too

running away ends up really bad if you don't plan things out really well,

don't ever go to a friends house, or relatives, they wouldn't want you

Robert F
You need food , clothes , bedding(sleeping bag tent) and money. lots and lots of condoms
You also need a knowledge of servival. You know how cold winter gets. at 13 you probably have a very limited servival knowledge in this area.
You need your social security card and two forms of ID (school ID card , state ID card or Drivers Licence) so you can find a job to earn money. few places can hire someone under 16.
You need someplace that you can be safe .

You just figured it all out....Not!!! Your plan sucks... If you have to ask "Yahoo Answers" how survive at the most simple stage, you should not be too far from your Mommy. Unless your Mom is Britney Spears, or totally abusive, deal with it and be a kid.

Joe Bunda
go too a shelter for kids like you, they really do exist. they will call your parents to let them know your alright but wont hold you hostage, and they help you work things out.. go goole search the area or lie and say your parents died and get a foster home. take food, some clothes like a jacket, tp, and a bunch of change. good luck!

llvllz.Double Dee
Go to a homeless shelter. Good luck getting into one at this time. Your gonna end up back at home anyways.

I would ask your school counsler for help...she/he could lead you in the right direction.

Kim Y
Being a Wise Mature, 13 yr old, be ready to take these things with you:
AIDS testing kit
STD's testing kit
Cash for abortions
Weapons to defend yourself against rapists, molesters, pimps, kidnappers (who will sell you into prostitution or slave labor).
Extra pairs of shoes (you will be walking mostly because those who pick you up will try to harm you)
Picture of your family (so that you will remember how good you USE to have it)
Your ID tatooed on your body somewhere, so that the forensic department at the local PD will be able to place you quicker into a database for identifying you out of the "jane doe" status when they find your lifeless body.

That should be it.
You are now ready for the REAL WORLD, which will eat you up in a minute and spit you out and leave you feeling like you are no longer a human being.
You didn't want us to tell you to not go.
But you did want us to tell you what to bring, so there's my list.

Oh yes.
Don't forget to take some spare change with you.
You'll need that when you call home and BEGG them to come get you now that you've realized that home wasn't so bad, after all............................

**** May the Lord keep His Angels Charge over you & protect you from harm ******

100807 6:52

Whatever you do, go somewhere warmer!

Come here to Los Angeles...

We have a lot of resources for run away teens.

I'm not going to try and talk you out of running away because for i know it could be the best thing for you.

You should bring a decent sized bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, all the money you've got.

come over here to cali,its heka cool over here lol

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