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Is there a little town like Stars Hollow I can go to?

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You could travel to Washington Depot CT (the town Stars Hollow was based on), although you won't find much to see there. It's a really small town and mostly filled wealthy homes and open fields.

I hate to say that it would be rare to find a single mom able to afford more than a shack within Washington Depot, very unlike Stars Hollow.

I'm sure there are plenty of quaint and charming towns like Stars Hollow.
Litchfield, CT. is very charming. While it's upscale, it's got more to see and do than Washington Depot.

Whisper words of wisdom

Yes there are a lot of them in Eastern LI and all over New England.
The fictitious Stars Hollow took place in CT.
I grew up in what the brochures call a "picturesque bay-side hamlet".
What I can tell you is these towns all ways have a dark side and it is hard to escape one another when the entire town can fit in chairs set up on the local school lawn.

Go to Elbe, WA, right by Mt. Rainier.


You want to go to hollywood?

Cora H
yeah, there are small towns everywhere



Marty Graw
Yes there is. It is just 12 miles due west of Rainbow Glow, Nebraska.

Winston Smith loved Big Brother
And here I thought all little towns were like Peyton Place.

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