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Las Vegas Hotel and Casino: Luxor or Excalibur? which one is is better?

If you were to choose between Luxor or Excalibur...which one would you pick? We are a no kid family.
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This are the only two casinos...that has rooms available for next weekend...that fall in my budget.

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Luxor is nicer. plus the view from the inside is something you need to see to believe

Luxor since no kids.However, they are also right next to each other.

Better buffets and food at Luxor, plus the elevators are a blast.

Rooms at Excalibur are standard Vegas for the low end of the price range. Not bad, but nothing special. Excalibur tends to have more kids around due to it's theming.

You can't go wrong with either one. If nothing else, just go with the cheaper one!

Prefer Mandalay Bay personally.

I'd stay at the Luxor. The Excalibur is dated and not as nice.

Dan M
There is a big difference... the luxor is much nicer and higher end then the pretty standard excalibur. The excalibur is good for kids, but the food, entertainment and gambling space are all better at the Luxor.

those casinos are alot farther apart then they look, and when you've been walking around all day.... you're going to wish you stayed at excalibur. yes there is more kids attracted to Excal becuase of the joust show and arcade.. but they are still not allowed on the casino floor so it wont really matter.

Although honestly, I would go north on the strip a little more than those two, they are pretty far from the good stuff.

I would go for Luxor....I use to live in Las Vegas and working on the MPE Design for Luxor and five other hotels....between two (luxor and excalibur), i would choose Luxor....Excaliubur could have cheaper rates and a little closer to the strip....New York New York and MGM....

ive only just been to vegas- arrived home a month or so ago.

i stayed in the luxor, even though it seems more fun to stay in the pyramid part of the luxor, the luxor tower is a lot nicer. my boyfriend and i stayed in the pyramid and my parents stayed in the tower and the room was considerably nicer in the tower, even though both were supposedly the same standard.

the excalibur is good too- obviously i didnt stay there but it looked great. both hotels are right next to each other. id say the excalibur was slightly more child orientated though.

if you want genuine consumer reviews on both vist

boo hoo

I would choose the Luxor. I have stayed in the Luxor without complaint. Haven't seen the rooms in excalibur, but the hotel or casino doesn't seem to be the same standard as the Luxor.

i have stayed at excalibur freindly staff and rooms excellent .... they used to have a wcw nitro grill until Mcmahon bought wcw then closed it within 24 hours.
food at luxor sucks

Jeff the drummer

I have stayed at Excalibur and frankly I didn't see anything wrong with it, and I don't have children. The room we had was clean and updated (the rooms in Tower 2 were totally remodeled recently, some have 42" plasma TV's and new decor). Since you're only staying in your hotel to sleep, I'd stay at Excalibur. Especially since it's located close to NY NY and the MGM Grand, has a tram going to Mandalay bay and it's a great price. I wouldn't recommend their buffet necessarily, it was cheap but just so/so for food. They do have a food court downstairs, if you prefer to eat cheap (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, etc). The buffet at MGM Grand however was out of this world and within close walking distance.

I read tons of reviews (and added my own recently) on and I'd suggest you do the same if you'd like more opinions.

Either way, have a GREAT time, it's VEGAS!

Luxor by miles, however I question why you are only choosing between these two. They are South Strip and you'll find yourself with a walk upstrip everytime you go out. For the same money you could get a room just as good in Ballys / Flamingo / even Caesars might have some good options.

If these are your only option, go for Luxor. Try and get a Tower room rather than a Pyramid room as they have more space.

If you have kids then Excalibur is the best bet. Although 'm partial to the Luxor ( I worked there). They are right next door to one another and a walway connects them so wither would be okay.

i would have to say luxor because excalibur caters to more of a pre teen and teen population

Nick D
Luxor... much better.

Higher class and better looking? Luxor. Higher energy and chaos? Excalibur. It really all depends on your age, how much you can (or are willing) to spend, your purpose in Las Vegas, and your tolerance for people in goofy costumes. Both hotels are very far south on the strip, you might benefit from looking into other options, a little bit further north is the Monte Carlo which is nice and quiet, has a great pool and is next door to New York New York and MGM where you can catch the monorail to go further north.

Dirk von Pelvis

I'd choose the Luxor. It's a lot nicer and isn't kid friendly. The Excalibur is set up for kids. They have a midway set up for them. There's really not much going on there either. The Luxor is more fun! Keep in mind that the 2 of them sit right next door to each other though. It's on the very south side of the Strip so you'll need to take a taxi or strap on your walking shoes to get anywhere. However, there is a monorail. Sometimes it's working and sometimes not. Good luck!

Jennifer B
I'm just wondering why only the Luxor and Excalibur?

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