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Dawna A

On vacation, how many days is long enough at disneyworld?

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we have 4 days planned.. with a park hopper... should we start at one park then switch to another that evening? each day go to more than one park?

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My shortest Disney vacation which was also my first trip ever was only 4 days and I just barely got to see everything. I have never stayed for that short of a time period again. There is time to visit every park but its definitely a rush job and you can't fully appreciate Disney is that kind of time constraint...especially if it is crowded. I would recommend at least a week to take it all in and have a chance to even rest a little bit (cuz after all, it is a vacation).

But if you must do it all in 4 days, I recommend spending each day at one park. You will definitely have to pick and choose your favorite rides then. Magic Kingdom and MGM-Disney can both be done in one day for the most part. In Epcot you really need two days to explore the full park (one day for future world and one day for the world showcase). Animal Kingdom you can do in a half day if you get up early enough and either have the rest of the day to go back to your favorite places or head to Downtown DIsney. That is the schedule I would recommend. Hope you enjoy your trip! I'll be going down in just one week! YAY!!!

well i went to disney world before and stayed at a westgate resort hotel to enjoy their amusement park and other things and to tell u how many days is long enough likely 14 days to enjoy the best vacation there is.

Beach Gal
4 days is a perfect amount of time to spend at Disney World. I wouldn't try to visit more than 1 park in a single day, with the exception of The Magic Kingdom, if you have already been to Disneyland. They are basically the same park, but Disney World's castle is much larger. If you have visited Disneyland or The Magic Kingdom before, spend half of the day at MK and spend the other half at one of Disney's Water Parks or at Downtown Disney, or even the beach. If you have never been to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom, then plan to spend a whole day there and a whole day at each of the 4 parks.

If you would like any tips, advice or help planning your Disney World trip, visit my Disney Vacation Blog!

Have a wonderful time!

well first time four-five days, but dont forget epcot center is included in that time

I'd say 4 days would be enough to see everything at the park. Maybe 5 days would be more than sufficient if there's too much crowd at the park like a long weekend.

You will not get to see everything WDW has to offer in just four days. Resign yourself to that fact first.

You NEED to pace yourself properly. I do not know how old everyone is in the party, but if you write privately, I will offer my best advice, because it is simply NOT possible to do so here.

Although it has been some time since I was there, I would have to say a minimum of 4. That will allow you to hit the big 3 parks and see their closing shows, and a 4th to catch anything that you missed before.

For a first timer, you should not waste your time travelling from one park to another since you have a 4 day hopper. There is enough to see in each park to last more than 1 day each with the exception of Animal Kingdom. There are no nighttime parades or shows in Animal Kingdom so on that night, you may want to travel to one of the other 3 parks to see their nighttime shows/parades. If you are going in the summer, it will be crowded and you may not get to see everything in each park in one day. Go early in the morning and stay late at night.

I would think for a first time visit, at least one full week. At the very least I would do 5 days. If you can afford it and have the extra time, 10 days. If you have children that will slow you down some, so you can add a little on.

There is a ton to see at Disney. Don't expect to see it all in one trip. That's just more for the next time ;-)

5 days is just enough.... if you can afford it!
Happy Vacation!

Oh my heavens! are you only going to stay for 4 days?
that certainly will not be enough time!
I estimate that I spend at least a day and a half at each theme park, and then there's downtown disney and a waterpark that I have to squeeze into the schedule.
With a park hopper I actually do reccomend going to different parks! I mean in the morning I might be at magic kingdom and in the afternoon i might be at EPCOT and then in the evening I might be back at Magic Kingdom for fireworks shows. It all depends on what you want to do!
I reccomend at least 5 or 6 full days, although a week would be best.
You'll have a magical time though!

Truly, as many as you can afford...You could stay a month!

1 day is too long. I just got back from Disney World. it was awful. Hot and sticky. Any where you go there are long long walks, long long long lines. Kids crying, even they don't even seem happy from the damn heat and waiting in freaking lines to get on the rides, to get on the train, to go to the bathroom, to buy water, to eat, to wait for the bus etc. I would wait for another season to go.

I could live the rest of my life at Disney World!! (If I could afford it-lol) However many days you go, make the most of them. I usually go down for 5 days. I spend one day at each park, and usually Animal Kingdom closes the earliest, so that day we go to Downtown Disney for shopping fun. Then the last day we just relax at the resort, or spend the morning at a park. I find I prefer one park a day. The park hopper is a great feature, but the few times I purchased it, I didn't use it anyway. So now we just buy base tickets, and we never feel that we miss out.

Your best bet, though, would be to go to your local bookstore, such as Barns & Noble or Borders, and buy a good guidebook. I would suggest Birbaum's Guide to Walt Disney World, or PassPorter's Guide to Walt Disney World. These are both VERY informative books. The PassPorter's in much more in depth, but both will give descriptions of the parks- rides, restaurants, ect.

Look through your guide and pick out the things that look most interesting to you. (Everyone as different interests and tastes, so I wouldn't tell you what you HAVE to see) Plan on making a point of seeing the few things you pick out. Also, there are many surprises you will find along the way. Enjoy whatever you come across. It might be performers in Epcot, Character sightings (dont' be afraid to stand in the line to have your picture taken with a character-we , 5 adults ,went last year and had our pics taken) or a beautiful garden. You are on vacation at the happiest place on Earth, enjoy every minute!!

Have a Magical time!

You can do Disney in 4 days but I'd recommend 5days to a week. If you do it in 4 days this is what I'd do: 1 whole day at each park or combine 2 parks in one day and check out Downtown Disney and/or at least one water park (Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon).

It depends on how old your youngest and oldest members are. At any rate I'd plan a full day at EPCOT on Day 1, do the Magic Kingdom on Day 2, the movie park on Day 3, and back to EPCOT for four. If you're going to see all three, moving between parks in one day wouldn't seem to make much sense.

4 days at day per park but you could throw a day or two so you can go back to the fav part or visit things you've mised

Katlyn ? Disney
Epcot and the Magic Kingdom will each take at least one whole day to complete each. Animal Kingdom Park is not open as late as the others, so it would be a good idea to go to the Animal Kingdom one day in the afternoon, and then that night you could go to Disney-MGM Studios, since it's a smaller park, there's not too much to do, and they have a nighttime show, Fantasmic! Four days isn't vey long to enjoy Disney... you won't have time for any of the water parks, Downtown Disney, or any of the recreation. But you'll still have fun.

5 days is very good.

To see all of Disney-World, you would need to be there two weeks and this is not a guess..

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