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Things a 14 year old can do at Vegas?

the basics
- Typical yearly family vacation
- Parents want to go gambling for the most part and relax a bit
- I'll mainly stick with my sister, shes 18.
- Armed with a camera, spending money, and a rental car (if we're too lazy too walk around lol)
- Caesars Palace hotel if anything.
- One week.
Additional Details
dudevill.. Please keep your opinions to yourself, nobody asked.

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yeah... well, you can sit in the room. Caesers has a taxi-port which you could use to get to other casinos.

Treasure Island has a pirate show.
The Bellagio has a fountain that goes off every 8 or 15 minutes and it's fairly close to Caesers.
Mandalay Bay has an aquarium

But at 14 years of age, I wouldn't allow you out of my site. I wouldnt allow you to walk down the strip either. The last time I walked down the strip, I watched as illegal aliens forced flyers for prostitutes on very young children.

Vegas is no place for kids. It is not a family destination, it's a place for adults. I could not even imagine bringing a child there... and by child, I mean anyone younger than 21. Nothing about Vegas is appropriate for children. Hell, getting off the airplane at the airport, you're going to be bombarded with messages of decadence, sex and controlled substances. Last time I went, the limo driver who picked me up was a hot woman wearing a g-string, a bra-top and a feather sort of thing on her back that made her look like a show girl.

LV would be a very boring place for an14 and 18 year old. Is there an Aunt or Uncle that you can stay with were you live?
Maybe have your parents read this board and others that voice opinions about kids vacationing in Las Vegas.
It has been nicknamed the "Adult Disney Land" for a reason.

Sabrina J
I've been twice and I am near your age.

Whatever you do, go try the New York New York Roller Coaster. You will have an awesome time.

Also, you must also try all the rides on the top of the Stratosphere.

Well when I go to Vegas since Im not an adult I usually go site seeing or shopping. There is a nice mall there and I think it is in Caesars Palace....there are many little stores as well. There is the M&M factory which is cool. If you go on the strip at night they have this sky light thing and it has so many different lights that make pictures...sorry haven't been there in about 3 yrs so its hard for me to remember. Just walk/drive will find things.

Check out The big thing is neither you or your sister can be in the gaming areas. There is a 9 pm curfew for under 18 unless with parents

Enjoy walking around Forum Shops at Caesars with your sister - two come alive statue shows

Enjoy Fashion Show Mall - can walk there

Enjoy Madame Trossaud's Wax Museum Venetian - across the street - you can touch the displays

Enjoy the rides 101 stories up at Stratosphere

Enjoy Adventure Dome Circus Circus

Drive south on Strip past NYNY and Mandalay Bay and you will find the Outlet Mall, that will fill a full day

Enjoy Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

There is a movie theatre next door to MGM Grand

Get on I15 and connect to 95 going to Reno, get off on Valley View and enjoy Las Vegas Spring Preserve

Drive west behind NYNY and you will find Orleans Casino Hotel where there arebowling lanes

Ask your parents to go see Mystere at Treasure Island, a cirque show for the family and fun

i've got money...what would you do at home 4 fun?therez probably big malls there, and lotz of showz too...


Here is a list of activites for kids visiting vegas.

You should be able to find plenty to keep you entertained.

Whenever I've gone it has always been to Circus Circus.

The best hotel for in Vegas for a family with kids would be Circus Circus. It has free circus acts and an indoor rollercoaster. It has a video arcade as well.

she can go to her room and sleep

Every hotel should have an arcade for kids. There's also a ton of sites to see. You could spend all day site seeing. You won't be allowed to use the rental car. Not unless you parents are willing to list your sister as a driver, but that's going to drive your rate up.

Vegas has turned into a family town. You won't have a hard time trying to find something to do.

Go see some shows, ride some rides, and there are some teen clubs that you can go to! Here is a good article to read about teenagers in Vegas

Have fun!

hit the strip clubs

Jasmine J
One thing I suggest is that you get your parents to pay for a Taxi to the Orleans. Then spend eight hours bowling, seeing a couple of movies and playing at that arcade.
If you can get a friend to come along with you then this would work better.
The pool is another good place for a few hours.
I don't know how much money you have but my kids liked I would also suggest that some other things to do would be the secret dolphins habitat and sharks reef. Check the sources below.
Finally go to Yahoo Travel- Las Vegas-Things to do- Children. (The last source) and they will have more suggestions.

Emeka Vegas
There are lots of fun things a 14 yr old can do in Vegas. Here are a few of them.

They have a rollercoaster on the top of New York New York hotel that you can go on. Lots of show's like Penn and Teller. Carrot Top has a show. Lots of cool stuff, maybe you could have a helicopter take you over the Grand Canyon.

Vegas isnt a place for kids..

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