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Whoa Baby Whoa!

WHY are so many people moving to Oregon?

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karen h
Clean air...they think there are lots of jobs and cheap rent!

I am moving to Oregon next year when I retire. I am moving for better weather than where I live now, which is very hot and humid for the most part. I plan to live in my motor home and I will not work much if any since I will be retired.

the same reason mexicans are moving here plus its green and the pay ok

Oregon is a great place! It's pretty, has trees, Oceans, mountains, forests! I've lived here my whole life and love it!

Jan N
I am a seventh generation Oregonian, going back to the Western migration, and I am pleased that so many people are moving to my state and making it more ethnically and culturally diverse. This hasn't "ruined" Oregon, it has made it much, much richer in human terms. People are moving here because the weather is very mild, compared to other parts of the country. There is incredible diversity in communities, so you can have just about any kind of lifestyle you desire - from the coastal communities of Waldport, Cannon Beach and Gold Beach to the ranches and wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon to vibrant urban areas like Portland, Eugene and Bend. Oregonians are very well-known for being polite and friendly. Also, in many parts of the U.S., Oregon is famous for land use laws that keep its cities intact, for the wonderful transit system in the Portland Metro area, and for its vast forests, rivers, mountains and lakes. It is perceived as a progressive, healthy and friendly place to live, retire, raise children, and enjoy diversity. In short, Oregon is many, many things to many people. If I didn't live here already, I'd be in a moving van to get here.

Ask yourself this, how many of us Native Oregonians (born and raised) are still here? People are moving here because we have EVERYTHING a person could want. Of course it is also making our property tax's sky rocket.....

we take good care of our natural resources and have an amazing transportation system. I was born here and will die here. I've lived else where and have moved back. I just love the air it's so sweet! I can go hunt sea shells and have adventures on our public beaches. I can hike and explore everywhere! I have a huge imagination and love to paint, draw and take pictures. Where else would I be, we have our own rainforest environment, it's not a tropical, it's better! it's like the state saying: Oregon, we love dreamers! :)

oregon has no sales tax nobody likes a sales tax

Michelle B
Because more and more people are realizing that Oregon isn't as boring as the name suggests. It's between California and Washington, both states rich in culture, but in a different way. Oregon sort of embodies both cultures, so it's laid back and outdoorsy, beautiful, for the artistically inclined (mostly in the city), and it doesn't hurt that Oregon has great weed.

I am an almost brand-new Oregonian, moved here from the Southern U.S. It is f-ing awesome!!!! So much beauty it's free-er than anyplace I've ever lived. It's got it all AND I can have a medical mj permit, (as well as grow my own), so much to TO OREGON!!!!!!

I have heard that you don't pay tax, but then most of the money that you would spend for tax ends up on your mortgage. this probably why, plus, it's my birth town, but i haven't been there for eight years.

its a clean place..

Web User
It's not Cali and it's not Washington but it's the west coast, the coast with the most.

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