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What is the best theme park in Orlando for a 6&8 year old?

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The Magic Kingdom, hands down. It is called the most magical place on earth for a reason. My kids love all the parks, but eventually we end up in the Magic Kingdom. Check out Disney for your visit. Universal and Islands of Adventure are o.k., but are built for older kids because it is mostly thrill rides. Sea World is not a full day, but is fun. Disney has something to offer at every park (yes Epcot included) for kids of every age, from 1-99! Whenever someone asks me I always recommend a Disney vacation, it is by far the best money I have ever spent, and we can't wait to go back (174 days and counting!)

Hope this helps, if you want more info I put a couple of links below to help you out. First is the Disney website. They have a resort comparison tool to help you pick out where to stay plus descriptions of every attraction. Also check out the disboards. The disboards is a message board website that has more info about Disney than anywhere else I have ever seen. Also, has a ton as well.

Magic Kingdom hands down...if you can afford it stay at the contemporary hotel (inside the main hotel; must book well in advance), the monorail goes right thru the middle, the kids will love will mommy and daddy

Truthfully, them all , the all have something for any age , the Disney water parks were great .. get there early . ENJOY.

Definitly Magic Kingdom. They will really enjoy fantasyland. The rides are not to scary and overwhelming for small children. Peter Pans flight is the best as well as a small world. Have a great time and take lots of pictures!

If they are girls, Magic Kingdom.That would work for boys too. Also Animal Kingdom is getting much better

magic kingdon would be the best for kids of that age

Without a doubt, Magic Kingdom.

elin j
Magic kingdom, defintiely for both ages.. MGM more for the 8 year old, however, come to think of it, the bigger rides have height requirements, so if they're pretty short (obviously the 6yr old will be) it might be a disappointment to not be able to go on them...

Universal studios because of the nick section!!

I think they'd love pretty much anything there,

Magic Kingdom, definitely. There's something for everyone there, and lots of stuff for the littler members of the family.

That or Universal Studios.

For very young Children - Magic Kingdon - the six year old especially.

Slightly older like you 8 year old, MGM and Universal Studios - I am sure the six year old will love it too. They were my favourites (Okay, I did go at 20 and 22!)

I hated SeaWorld, I thought the animals were kept in a terrible state but kids won't notice that!

it has to be seaworld or universal studios.
we went last year and the kids loved them the best.

sally anne
any theme park is good for children of that age ,mgm and magic kingdom will be the best they will love every secound of it .

Paul D25
2 b perfectly honest - it depends on your child's likes and dislikes - you cannot stereotypciallise "whats the perfect park for a 6 year old" for example

However the Magic Kingdom is one of the best bets, as seeing a child's face light up at the Parade or when they meet a characer is priceless!!

Epcot, should really be avoided - it's too big and a bit boring maybe for the 6 year old - your 8 year old may enjoy it tho!

MGM is a safe choice - seeing how they make their fav disney films is a big +, and would be a better bet that universal orlando (which is aimed at older children)

Animal lovers - will enjoy either Animal Kingdom, Seaworld (or busch gardens if you have time)

Finally IOA has a section dedicated to kids rides which would be suitable!!

I hope all of that helps

Universal is great for kids and adults. Also, swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove. It is expensive but well worth the experience.

Wish it was me going.

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