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What side of Houston Texas is a good side to live on?

I will be moving to Houston in 2 months and I was wondering what side of town is the best side to live on. Thanks

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Whatever you do, don't listen to those people that tell you to move to some far out suburb like Katy or Humble, unless you like spending hours in traffic. Those places are NOT Houston. There are many high class neighborhoods in the inner city (most on the west side) with tons of lofts, apartments, and fancy townhomes. New construction is expensive, but there's still affordable properties and apartments.

Look into the following areas: Uptown/Galleria, Upper Kirby, Rice Village area, Midtown, River Oaks, Bellaire, Meyerland, The Heights, Memorial area, Tanglewood, West University, Bunker Hill, Montrose, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Briargrove, and Westchase.

Ya, I know... None of these other people even mentioned these neighborhoods... (Probably because they don't really live in Houston)

Miss Shannon
The Woodlands! Its a little more pricey here- but DEFINITELY worth it.

Living close to downtown will save you time and money. The new lofts downtown and in the Montrose are great places to live and very convenient for public transportation around downtown and the med center. If you have a family you might prefer the suburbs, but there is so much to do in downtown that you should at least give it a try. The suburbs are very nice, but so is living near downtown. Rice Village, the Montrose and the Heights areas are a cultural mix of people, artists and languages. Downtown theater district is fabulous. Rule of thumb: live close to where you work, so you don't waste time commuting. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to get to the suburbs. If you like water sports, live in Clear Lake. Be sure you move where you have access to a swimming pool for those dog days of summer.

It truly depends on the lifestyle you want. Houston is a very versitile city, it has the budding family area (Katy) the dedicated workers area (downtown), the well-to-do doctors area (Memorial) and even a quiet more rural area (Sugarland). If you are looking to start a new family, or be safe, take up a home in Katy. It's a few miles further north than the center of town, has a great high school (Taylor High) and is perfect for budding families. Downtown is a busy, trafficy area, but perfect for jobs and corporate businesses. The Memorial area is a really rich area, small houses, expensive land, and great placement. However and apartment there is very nice. Sugarland is just a minicity, with great suburban roads. Like Katy, but classier and with fountains. Hope this helped!

I agree with the earlier answer about the north of Houston: Spring/Woodlands/Conroe area. There are some nice homes out here.

North side. Actually, The Woodlands or Spring are very nice. Or on the south side, Sugarland and Richmond.

My sister lives in the suburb of Humble. It is very nice. Make sure you don't live near downtown. Not too good there. My son lives on the Southwest side near the Galleria. That's nice also. I don't live there I just visit. A resident can probably give better advice.

NORTHWEST SIDE! Award winning school district, shopping centers everywhere, easy to get out into the country, malls are great. Anywhere in the Cy-Fair Area! The Cy-Fair area is a nice medium-income area, little crime compared to the rest of Houston, schools test scored are more than 150-200% that of Houston ISD schools.
If Cy-Fair doesn't work out, go to the woodlands.
ive lived in cyfair my whole life

Where you would like to stay should depend on where your workplace is. As some others have rightly pointed out staying in far away locations like Katy, Humble, Copperfield, Woodlands, Sugarlands, Deer Park, Clear Lake makes no sense if you are going to work in Downtown.
If you are working in Downtown and planning on renting an apartment, consider the Medical Center area. This area has some of the best apartments in town.
On the other hand if you enjoy the outdoors and would not mind traveling about 30-40 miles daily (one way!) then probably Woodlands is the place for you.
Rents for 1 bedroom apt in the
Medical Center area are about $700-$750/month. But you will get equally good apartments for as low as $600 on the outskirts (close to Beltway 8).
I will certainly not recommend the Univ of Houston area to live in, the SE area inside the 610 loop, i.e. South of I45 and East of 288.

Margaret G
That depends on where you will be working/going to school. The north side (Spring, Tomball, Woodlands) are very nice. The west side (Katy) is very nice, and the southwest side (Missouri City) is very nice. The near north side (Oak Forest) is also very nice. Of course, nice areas cost more and require a long commute to downtown. And there's no bus/train into downtown really. You could consider lofts in the downtown area if that suits you. I would probably avoid the east side and south side, just my personal preference. Good luck.

Bellaire,West U.,Sugar Land,River Oaks,Heights,Memorial,Jersey Village,Galleria,Copper Field,Willowbrook and the Woodlands.Areas I get pulled over and patted down just for driving through 'em.So I guess in your mind it's good/safe.

Sugarland, Pearland, Woodlands, Katy, Clear Lake, Spring-Cypress any suburb really. If you don't have kids Bellaire or In Town is awesome but the schools are not good.

West side (Memorial, Galleria, Uptown)

West Houston, University Place and Belaire are nice. But some people telling you to move to places like the Woodland and Conroe, are slightly misguiding you in you move. The Woodlands is about is about 10 minutes north of Spring, and Conroe is about 7-10 north of The Woodlands, so these cities will be out of your way. But I think you'll get more for your dollar, if you lived Uptown, because there are many stores and shops nearby, and you also have the Galleria.

As far as possible in any Woodlands where I live is nice, also Sugarland and Katy.

Surgar Land...


those are like outside houston....but Memorial....The Heights....(fancy places)

SouthWest Houston is good too...

say away from North Side..East Side....Mo'City....
those are ghetto places....

I live in West Houston, in memorial. I think the deciding factor is going to be where your job is. You can definitely find yourself with a long commute if you don't plan well. I have seen many people suggest, The Woodlands, which is a great place to live but the commute to downtown is a KILLER. The west side has it's commuting challenges, but there are many ways to get in to town, I10, US59, Westheimer, Memorial Drive, Westpark toll rd, etc.

Houston is a wonderful place to live, anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't live here. It gets HOT in the summer but other than that you will find a City of friendly people, great cultural events, every concert tour makes a stop in Houston, All the major sports are represented in brand new state of the art facilities, and the restaurant scene is amazing! Houston is consistently ranked as one of the most livable and safest cities in America.

William K
If you are looking for safety, the west side is the best area to live in. Low crime, nice ESTABLISHED neighborhoods, and the only time I hear a police car is when it is pulling over a speeder.

You just have to put up with the Katy Freeway expansion for the next year and a half. Fortunately it is being done in modules.

EDIT: AgentWD40, I'm a Memorial resident, and have been for years. I've lived in Houston since 1977. Of course someone moving here might find it a bit expensive. I thought a generic mention might be a bit more HELPFUL to the asker.

EDIT2: GigemAggs83... Maroon and White game this weekend. Be there or be square.

I live in what is called Mid-Town now. Very economical and really close to everything, except Wal-Mart, lol. Low crime rate here and no traffic to fight. I have lived in this area 8 years. and have had absolutely no reason to get on the very crowded Houston freeways. Houston is in the heart of Harris County. The most dangerous county to drive in in the USA.

Everywhere you go is crappy.

River Girl
Anywhere in Northwest Houston is preferable. We just moved to Houston from Baton Rouge and love the northwest side.

That's the easy answer.

Niche Jerk
The out side, preferably as far outside as you can get. Houston is a rathole.

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