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Whats difference between half sister and step sister.?

I dont Know whats difference between half sister and step sister .

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a half sister is one of your parents and your step parents child. A step sister is your step parent kid

half sisters have one biological parent in common. step sister is only related through marriage. like if your dad remarries, his new wife's kids would be step brothers and step sisters.

A half sibling would have only one parent that is the same as you - the same mother or father, not both. A step sibling would be the son or daughter that belonged to your step mother/father and their former spouse; ie you would not be blood related to a step sibling.

Matthew C
step sister is a step-parents daughter, no blood relation. half sister shares one parent with you, but not the other (i.e. your dad's daughter, but not your mom's).

Half-sister is one that you share a parent with, a step-sister is one whose parent has married one of yours. Like, if your mom had a daughter with a man who isn't your father, she would be your half-sister. If your mom married a man with a daughter from a previous marriage, she would be your step-sister.

Your half sister is related to you by blood Your step sister is related to you by marriage.

step sister is when either of your parents marry someone with kids then they become your step sister. half sister is when either one of your parents has kids with someone else then they're your half sister (because you share the same bloodline)

half is where you both have the same mom or same dad but not both the same parents step is where one of your parents gets married and the person they marry has kids of their own

A half-sister shares a biological parent with you, and a step-sister shares an adoptive parent with you. For example: If your dad had a daughter with someone other than your mother, she would be your half-sister (you share one biological parent). If your mom was gone and your dad married another woman who already had a daughter and adopted her, she would be your step-sister.

big differ half sister means same mom OR dad and step sister is not from the same parent NO BLOOD RELATION...........related only by marrage

A half sister is a sister who is blood related by one parent. For example you mom had a child with one man; then your mother met another man and had another child. The two children are link by the mother. A stepsister is a non blood related relative by the marriage of one of your parents. For example if you mom married a man who had a daughter she would be your stepsister.

They are not the same. A step sister is a sister by marriage. That is her mother or father married your mother or father, so she is not a sister by blood. A half sister has a mother or father in common with you but not both parents as that would be a full sister. Just to complete the list, a sister-in-law is a woman married to your brother, a kid sister is usually your younger sister. Hope this clears it all up for you.

Since I grew up in a family of this mix, I would tell you that a half sister is one that is born from your mother or father thru another partner. A stepsister is if a parent remarries and their spouse has children they then become your stepsister or stepbrother.It never concerned me that some of my family were half-sisters, we all just considered ourselves sisters. Stepsisters or brothers can be just as much a part of the family. It depends on how you percieve each other. Know that it is just as hard for step siblings to accept the new arrangments as it is for you. Always be inviting, unless of course there is reason not to be.

anubis is exactly right. You are related, by blood, to a half sister. The two of you share one biological parent, i.e. you both have the same father or mother. A step sister comes with the person who marries your biological parent. Since a step sister has neither parent in common with you, the two of you are not blood relations. For example: A man and woman marry and have a daughter Sue. They divorce. Sue goes and lives with her father. Sue's father remarries and the woman he marries is also divorce and has a daughter Meg from her previous marriage Meg and Sue are step sisters Sue's Father and Meg's mother have a baby girl Fran Fran is a half sister to both Meg and Sue. Does that help?

A half sister is your biological sister but she has a different parent Like if you have the same mom but different dads or if you have the same dad but different moms. A step sister is your step mom or step dad's daughter but she's not related to you. She is only related to you by law.

c j
a half sister shares one parent with you, a step sister isnt blood related

My, what complicated answers! Let's make this easy: Brady Bunch = girls are stepsisters to the boys, boys are stepbrothers to the girls. If the parents ever had a new baby, that one would be half sister/brother to all the rest.

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