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Where are the best places to live near Dallas Texas?

My family is moving to Texas. We are white, middle income and want to raise our kids in a good town / neighorhood without alot of crime and gangs etc: and good school districts. We need to be within 35 miles of Baylor University. We plan to rent.

We are looking for a good neighorhood where people are friendly, no cars on the lawn, no strip clubs and all night liquor stores etc. etc.
Which towns and neighorhoods should we look at, and which should we avoid? Thanks for all your help.

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Christi F
your best bet is Grapevine. It's got the feel and the community of a small town, with the convenience of a big city. there is very very little crime ( i've only heard of some teenagers doing a little damage to the high school, thats all) they've got great schools, everybody is friendly, no liquor stores etc; and they have a historic downtown (main st) looks like a quaint little town with GREAT shopping... lots of vinyards, two festivals a year (one in may called main st days and one in september i think called grapefest) and on halloween all the kids go trick or treating on main st. GREAT place to raise a family, VERY SAFE.

Shelby T
If it is Baylor in Waco, the best place to live is in Woodway/Hewitt area, about 15-20 min drive from Baylor. It's a little more expensive but it has better schools and better neighborhoods. The public school district is Midway High school which is the only good public school closest to Waco. Other options are Bosqueville. Private schools are good, there is Reicher Catholic, Vanguard Prep and Texas Christian Academy. Hope this helps.

We live in Frisco. That is near North Dallas. Our neighborhood is new as is most of Frisco. The cities around us are also not to bad. When we moved here from Cali we lived in Carrollton. It was a very nice area and at the time it was a dry county. Good luck with your move.

Baylor is not very close to Dallas, so you have to basically choose which one you'd rather live near.

For Baylor University-Waco is your best bet. The only problem is that it's a TINY town, and there's about 15 people in each grade, so their limited choices and who to hang out with for your kids.

If you'd rather live near Dallas, Frisco is an AMAZING town. It was ranked (multiple times) on the Top Ten places to live in the U.S. There's very good schools (most Frisco schools recieve honors, and all schools have dozens of clubs/sports teams/fine arts electives your kids can join). There's also a mall/movie theater/ice skating rink, so you'll never be bored.

Avoid DALLAS at any cost. There's a HUGE crime rate, HORRIBLE traffic, and bad schools.

My husband and I just moved here from Pittsburgh and we live in Irving. We got an apartment in a part of Irving called Los Colinas. Very nice area - new stuff being built all around us. I honestly think Los Colinas is in the middle of everything. We arent far from the airport, downtown and TONS of shopping. We really like it here. Irving is also dry - no bars, strip clubs - you cant even get beer/wine/liquor in the grocery stores -- you have drive to Dallas to get it!

My 2nd choice was Frisco, a little north of Dallas. A newer area of Dallas that has EVERYTHING you can imagine. I have a friend that lives there and the housing market is great.

Lewisville is a really nice city. I would check it out. Also, look at Frisco.

If you're referring to Baylor University Medical Center in downtown Dallas (and not Baylor University in Waco), then you have quite a few options.

In the east you may consider Mesquite or Sunnyvale (about 20 miles) or Forney (about 30 miles).

In the north, you're looking at Plano (about 20 miles), Allen (25-30 miles) and Frisco (about 30-35 miles); heavy traffic in the north though.

In the west, there's South Grand Prairie and Mansfield; not sure how far it really is though, it's less than 35 miles for sure.

South, nothing really, unless you go to Waxahachie or Ennis, but it's TOO far out...

There are other, smaller neighborhoods that have great homes but the school districts are Dallas Public Schools; they're notorious for some reason, but i came out fine after all that! LOL!

Hope this helps...

Well, I wouldn't suggest Frisco unless you want to be on the roads forever. Also avoid Balch Springs, Oak Cliff for the most part, Pleasant Grove, or a lot of Garland. I don't think any part of the city of Dallas is a good fit to your requirements.

I work in Mesquite and that may be your best bet, relatively close and 2 highways that unfortunately merge to give your more traffic. Anyway, I live in Seagoville and my parents commute into Downtown, it normally takes them about 35 minutes-45 minutes depending on traffic. I like Seagoville and its certainly growing, too fast so maybe you shouldn't move here. Soon it'll be like Frisco where there's traffic all the time and new subdivisions as far as you can see. /rant over/

Anyway, Mesquite is good,I went to high school there and I remrmber it as being pretty good. Sunnyvale's also good if you have the money.

Hope you realize that 35 miles in Dallas represents about an hour and a half on the road. My choice would be the Lake Highlands area where you get great schools (Richardson school district) but you are living in Dallas. Not sure what's available on a rental basis but it's worth looking.

Probably your best bet if you want a suburban community is Rowlette, which is east of Baylor Med complex.

denton, texas

Your only option is to live in the Waco area, but I don't live there so I don't know which neighborhoods are nice. And Waco is about 97 miles from Downtown Dallas. Now Belton and Temple, are about 34 and 42 miles, respectively, from Waco. And you might be able to find better schools in those towns.

Jose L
I would advise you consider Irving, Arlington, South Grand Prairie. Here in Dallas you wont really find a place that doesnt have strip clubs, and all night liquor stores because it is such a big city. Im giving you these cities because they have less of what you DONT want. Irving would be my top choice, it is close to baylor hospital, and the adult clubs are on the outside borders of it and they may not be considered as being in actual Irving, so the clubs may be considered as being in dallas and not irving. Arlington is a nice city as well although it has its adult clubs at the western part of the city, which you would probably never see anyways because the more west you decide to live the farther it would be to baylor. Grand Prairie was considered a dry city until recently, however, there are no real bars in GP because the transition just happened recently. GP and Arlington are right in the middle of DFW. I don't know where you are coming from but you may fall in love with any of the other cities we have. I've been to the west, PHX, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, and each city has a couple of different little cities within it, DFW has atleast 15! In other words, after you drive a few miles away from Vegas, you start to see nothing, well, here, you have to drive pretty far before you start seeing a whole lot of nothing.

Ok ... I am not from Dallas, but I have visited several times and I took a 3 week class in Denton Texas (Univ of North texas). I would say that this college town has plusses and minuses like every town, but it has something special in the water. No really, I mean it! That area has the most beautiful women per capita of any place I have ever seen! I almost got whip-lash from my head constantly swiveling to see the next stunning young lady walk by. Of course I was on campus so the women were all in a particular age range, but there is something to this. I was told that for a period of time in the late 80's and early 90's there were 3-4 Miss USA's from Denton Texas. If you have a son, please consider moving there .... he will forever be in your debt! And you will enjoy the scenery! Be safe and enjoy.

Howdy Y'all
Don't worry about all night liquor stores, they close at 9 pm here. Keeps the Yankee riffraff off the streets better.

I'd have to go with Waxahachie or Cedar Hill. Waxahachie is smaller and has a more homey feel, but it's growing. It is also only a few minutes from Life School which is an excellent school distrcit. CedaR Hill is larger and closer to downtown Dallas. It has more to do than Waxahachie. Also, it is home to Trinity Church, a wondeful and exciting place to worhsip.

I hope this is helpful.

Forney is an up & coming community with good schools, very little crime and a nice "hometown" atmosphere.

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