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Where are the safest areas to live in in Detroit?

My boyfriend and I are going to be living in Detroit eventually because of his job and I wanted to know if anyone who actually lives in the city can tell me what the safest areas are to live in are. What would you recommend as far as areas go?
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We can afford something up to $500,000 (to buy). My boyfriend's job will be in downtown Detroit.

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bill s
Hi Lucy, congrats and welcome to the City. Detroit gets a lot of bad press, but I think you will find the people here are very friendly, the weather nice and architecture interesting.

Your question is a little frustrating; you see Lucy, there really is no way I can answer your question without knowing where the job is located.

Is the job downtown? On the east-side? Out in Troy or Livonia? Maybe it's in Dearborn or Southgate.

Now, those places are just words to you, but each place represents a completely different set of viable housing alternatives.

Lucy, we don't know each other, but I'm going to ask a favor: could you "edit" your question and add where the job is located?

EDIT: Thx for the additional information.
Right near downtown is the enclave of Layafette Park. A couple of other people have mentioned it, and as someone who has lived there, I can say that it is a great community for families.,_Detroit
They have townhomes with private backyards as well as a highrise. A elementary school is within the complex and they is also a small shopping center attached to the complex.

If you like the idea of urban living, it is worth a look-see.
If you're looking for a near-in suburb, I'd recommend either Grosse Pointe Farms on the eastside, or Birmingham to the north.

Shopping is far, far better in Birmingham as they have a very active and progressive downtown, whereas, Grosse Pointe Farms have some of the nicest parks in the country.

The GP park system are more like country clubs than public parks. You have to have a Park Pass to get in, and as a result they are very well maintained and super safe. The nice part about GP is that it has direct access to Lake St. Clair, so if you are a fan of water, that would be my choice.

Both cities have outstanding school systems, low crime rates and stable real estate markets.

Of the two, the Birmingham is friendlier as GP has a history for being a little snooty.

Here is a link that will let you look at local tax rates in Michigan. A house in Michigan is taxed at different rates depending on which city you decide to live. A house is taxed at 50% of its value on a millage system. Each city votes on its millage rate or mills. In Detroit the millage rate is $67.25 per every $1000 of value, In Grosse Pointe the millage rate is around $47.00 per $1000.

Birmingham is in Oakland County, Grosse Pointe is in Wayne County.

Good luck in your search.

Well, it's a pretty BIG metropolitan city. I wish you had said where he'll be working. Some of the safest neigborhoods are Troy, Novi, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Ann Arbor, Canton, Dearborn, Livonia and Northville.

Best of luck!

P.S. You can get a good home in a nice suburban area for that much money. I would NOT buy a home in Detroit. If your boyfriend wouldn't mind a little bit of commuting, you would be best off buying a house in Canton, Livonia or Dearborn. They are safe and have good schools. The commute route to downtown Detroit isn't so bad and it would take 20 minutes (30 in bad winter days) to get to downtown Detroit.

Best wishes to you and welcome!

Canton and Troy was voted two of the most safest cities in Michigan.

Well you don't want the city that is for sure. Check out the outskirts of Detroit like wayne, monroe and oakland counties. Visit them as much as possible throughout the year and see which area you like best. Check out the schools, visit them, talk to teachers, visit the local police station ask them about the local crimes in the area, check out out the county and city websites, go to the recreation centers in the area you looking and talk to the receptionist there and ask them questions about the neighborhood.
I did all this plus some and that's how I found the perfect spot for my family. It takes work but you don't want to move in somewhere and find out its not right for you and have more of a headache moving out. You want to do all the research you can on the area first.

On another note, there is no safest area anywhere in the world so unfortunately we will always have to keep our guard up no matter where live.

Good luck!

I suggest you don't live in the city.....try Canton, Northville, Novi, Plymouth. I suggest looking on and browse the homes in those cities using the $$ you wish to spend. Good Luck!

Many areas are safe in the metro detroit area. And yes, like someone said, Troy and Canton are safe, and it looks clean. Other towns might be maybe West Bloomfield and Bloomfield. (houses are expensive there tho, but they are very nice towns)

Neighborhoods: Indian Village, Boston-Edison, Palmer Park, Downtown, Sherwood Forest, North Rosedale Park, University Village, Woodbridge
Suburbs: Royal Oak, Ferndale, Dearborn, Harper Woods, Grosse Pointes (ritzy), Birmingham (upper-middle class), Troy, Wyandotte.

But of course it does depend on whether your job is in the city or in the suburbs. Congrats onto moving into a wonderful region.

Is his job actually going to be in downtown Detroit? What type of income? Do you want to rent or buy? A Condo/apartment, a house? lower end affordable north of detroit would be Ferndale, Royal Oak , Clawson, Berkley. More expensive would be parts of ROyal Oak, Huntington Woods, Birmingham, Bloomfield. Good Luck!!! ps Detroit isn't nearly as bad as its reputation...It has it's nasty parts, as does any big city!

Lafayette Towers might. it's in a great neighborhood just on the edge of downtown. It is literally in a park, and has been described as an "urban oasis." They have I believe 24 doorman, and guarded secured parking. Plus one of if not the best neighborhood in Detroit. They have a pool in the summer. Designed by world famous architect Mies Van der Rohe. And it's in a designated historic district! plus Hamtramck---clean, convenient, and safe for the most part. also theres Corktown/Mexicantown; safe, walk to local businesses, a short bike ride (or a 15 min walk) to your job, and theres EAST RIVERSIDE: and the number to that place is 313-223-1500 or 313-566-5333!!!! but if i were you i would definetly go to Lafayette Towers! i hope this helped out!

you don't want to live right in detroit it is not a safe city . you are better off Living in the suburbs you will probably find that that Northern Wayne County, i.e. Livonia, or Oakland County, both suburbs of Detroit, are very comfortable areas to live in...

Jamel W
On the east side meanly indian village

Giggle Bear's Boyfriend
try shelby twp. that is a good black people, just wealthy rich white people. Shelby twp is about half hour to 45 min from downtown.

Like some of the other people said Detroit isn't a bad place to live. It has its crime just like any other major city. Their are plenty of beautiful areas inside actual detroit city not the surburbs. Its all personal preference just do some research talk to some people that live in the city get them to take you around. You can find some places in the city you'll like.

Dallas Texas--is the safest suburb of Detroit

It's me B!tCHes!!!
Any one who says how bad the city is, does not lie in the city. i have lived in the city for 23 years and my parents, nearly 50 years as well as other family and relatives. They are outsiders, who only hear about bad things that happen in the city. They are close minded

To answer your question, I consider the east side of Detroit, maybe indian village a safe part of the city and the houses are beautiful. Downtown is becoming a great place to live also. There are mostly condos and apartments down there, but they are very nice looking and downtown is probably considered one of the safer parts of the city today. They have done a lot of revamping down there for years and it looks great. There is also lots of restaurants and clubs and the stadiums. All in all, don't be discouraged of people trying to scare you away.

Hope I helped.

Dave L
Most of Detroit is rough, and most of the suburbs is quite safe. I grew up in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights, and it's one of the safest medium sized city's in America.

dannielle m
Your best choice would be in a suburb outside of detroit. There are many suburbs that are really nice neighborhoods and have a lot to offer. Living right smack dab in the city isn't really all that safe. Hope i helped!

Stryder S
No where in detroit. Maybe 100 miles outside of detroit...

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