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Why are gas stations still trying to sell free air & water?

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It's not free. It costs them money to install, operate, and maintain the air pumps and water spigots.

Unless they have a well, they have to pay the local municipality for the water. I don't know of any municipalities that don't charge for water.

The air pumps require electricity to operate and that costs money. Periodically the pumps fail and it costs money to repair or replace them.

Every uh ... idiot ... who runs over the hoses causes damage limiting the useful life. So it costs money to replace the hoses.

Then they periodically have to send someone over to check on the air and water station, reel in the hoses, check that they aren't damaged and they are still operating, call the person who needs to repair them, yada yada yada, and that costs money to pay these people too.

It's their choice as to take a loss for operating these services, break even, or make a profit. It's your choice to participate in this or not.

To make money any way they can. It's their right anyway, they have to buy and maintain the equipment, but it's not very classy for them to do since the profit can't be very much and it is a service they can offer to their customers out of good business sense. Often the coin operated machines are owned by vendors though, and they maintain the equipment.

Anything for a buck...look at the profits they rake in & that should explain everything!

" &quot
2 make $.

Because no one's figured out how to get the free air into the tire without compressing it first.
As for the water.........even if you use your water at your house, it's not free either cause you have to pay the water bill every month!

Because it's not free. They had to compress the air or it would be tough to get it into your tire. That "compressing" costs energy and money.

Because people are obsessed with money.

Sell free stuff? That's not selling.

Anyway, by law, gas stations are required to provided free air and water.

I guess because it is not free for them to offer. They have to pay for the machines and the electricity, etc. that they have use for them.

Plus, they know if you are in a situation where you need it bad enough, or don't have another way to get it, you will be willing to pay for it.

The gas stations in my area don't charge for this though. So I guess I can't complain!

Gas stations used to have more than one employee.( outdated concept, they were called service stations)
If anything needed attention like a water hose left on, no problem. Then someone came up with a solution.
Put a timer on the water supply.
The next step was to put in a coin operated control box.
The box would be a good place to put air too, charge for it too.
Next step? How about putting paper towells in the box too?
Yeah, 3 for 50 cents.

cause they want money

Ya, I agree, the last gas station to have free air in my area started charging $.50. I went in and told the cashier "I hate paying for air" of course they didn't care. I know this was more of venting then an answer. Air and water should be the price of doing business not scraping a few quarters out of us when we come in. Plus service stations already have compressed air for their tools and lifts. Next they will charge us to use a pen to sign the receipt.

Because we boneheads are still paying for it.

Service stations in California are required to provide free air and water (and a tire pressure guage) to customers who purchase fuel (California B&P Section 13651).

Many service stations have installed a coin operated air/water machine so that non-customers are required to fork over a quarter or two for air/water (capitalism at work). However, if you've purchased gas, all you need to do is ask the station attendant to turn on the air and water machine for you - by law, they can't make you pay.

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