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Why is it that people think Detroit is a bad city...?

I know that detroit like south west can be artsy with graffiti and littering but every state has a ghetto part so why are people hating on detroit mostly?
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IM FROM SOUTH WEST by the way.;)

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Jamie Taliaferro
I am a white kid from Detroit, and Detroit is a bad city and a good city.

It is becomming better with the casinos and riverfront and such but there are still bad parts.

If GM goes bankrupt Detroit is f-ed

Detroit gets a bad rep because it normally can be found in the top 10 cities for the most crime and murders. Its literacy rate is steady on the decline and high school dropout rates are increasing. The school systems are poor. The city is overrun with crime and illiteracy. It just had a mayor who was indicted, and whose entire administration was corrupt. The last time I checked, it was the number one most segregated city in America. Aside from the sports teams, there isn't too much positive there. I'm from the west side and I currently reside in Lansing, MI.

Because the media in general likes to focus on NOTHING but the negative for places like Detroit, while maintaining all the good things a city like Detroit has to offer a secret.

I think because it was once a really great prosperous city and has fallen into a sad condition overall. Keep in mind too that the suburban areas are still doing pretty well.

Hah. I had to laugh when I read this. As others have mentioned, the murder and crime rates are among the highest in the US, but let me give you a personal touch. I go to Wayne State University, in heart of the city. It is the second nicest area of Detroit, outside of the Campus Martius area, and we have had four, count them, four bomb threats in the past month alone, not to mention all of the armed robberies we have had lately...this is considered the Cultural Center of Detroit, and supposed to be one of the nicest and most police patrolled. This is just a glimpse as to why this city is considered bad...I don't have to mention Kwame. Just glad I graduate in nine days.

Christopher B
Yes many states have a particular city with high poverty, crime, etc... although Detroit usually ranks on top of all those cities, and if not at least around top 5.

Lansing, Michigan resident

Just as another poster stated, the media tends to beat up on the city by focusing on what wrong with the city instead of any potential the city has. Also, aside from the media making Detroit out to be a hopeless war zone, the media will use it's scared past, and bad people like it's crooked politicians to potray a reflection of it's citizens so outsiders around the country will think there is nothing but bad people in Detroit.
With that said, America is so naive, the general population is so easily influenced by all types of media used this day and age, people are quick to prejudge people and places without experiencing it for themselves first. Thus, poor judgment by many people will influence others into a shallow mindset.

The German
It is too easy to rag on Detroit and it is still a major market so people focus on it. There are plenty of other cities in the country that have the exact same problems, but people find it too easy to focus on the Motor City. Detroit has a rough image and when people perceive it to be a bad place, others will just think the same thing. Look at the statistics of cities with a majority of African Americans like Memphis, Atlanta, Washington DC and a few others and you will probably find the same image problems.

When most people visit Detroit, the first thing they notice is ... abandoned buildings, urban decay and an infrastructure that looks like it hasn't been updated or even maintained in a decade. The city is plagued with crime and corruption. Does that mean that all areas of Detroit are like that? No, but it does mean that a lot of people are obviously going to be turned off by what they see surrounding the downtown area. There’s not one route into the city that does not involve driving through or past a ghetto or dangerous area with abandoned buildings all over the place. When you’re visiting a city, that isn’t the most appealing thing to see upon entering the city from any direction.

You're right that there are a lot of cities in this country that have ghetto areas, but no city anywhere in America has the same large scale problems that Detroit has. In most cities, they make an attempt to improve and clean up the dangerous areas, they actually go to the effort of paving the roads and repairing the street lights when needed, but in Detroit, they leave entire neighborhoods abandoned and there are currently no major plans to do anything about it.

I don't know I hear a lot of bad things. Such as there are some areas that are so crime ridden and run down that the building materials of the houses are worth more than the actual house.

because we don't all live in a tiny box?
because we've moved around and seen other cities?
because we have standards, and realize detroit doesn't meet them?

I have heard that stastic alot that Detroit is constintly in the top 5 in crime and such. But having a top 5 means there is 4 other cities as well, but it dosent help having Flint in the list either. What it comes down to is pride and not all but some residents in Detroit are happy living in a house that is no bigger than the shed that is in my back yard. Wether they have a drug problem, are out of a job, maybe they are a prostitue, or just dont care anymore, when you mix anyone one of these you get what we have in Detroit.

Look at the suburbs, people got tired of living in fear and the riots after the world series just pushed everyone too far and "white flight" took place. The suburbs are filled with people who are proud of where they live and want a better life for there children. Cities that are not too far from Detroit, like the Grose Point's or Wyandotte or Trenton have citizens who are proud of where they live, and Detroit lacks those types of people.

Personally i think there are two kinds of Detroit, the arena district or the "Downtown area" and unfourtnate area around the rest of the city. There is statical evidence that there is no real violent crime that takes place in the downtown area, its the surounding "ghetto" that gets the bad rap. You can point the fingure all you want but its ultimatly the "Babby daddys" and "Babby mama's" that have to want to make Detroit a better citys.

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