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Will I get mugged in New York City?

Okay, probably a dumb question, but I have a dental school interview at Columbia, and I'm afraid of New York City. I've never been there, and I was wondering, as a 21-year-old female under five feet tall walking around alone in New York, am I particularly unsafe? Is there a significant chance that I'll get mugged? What if I have my iPod on me? It can't be THAT dangerous, can it?
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I live in Seattle. And I watch a lot of Law & Order, which I guess explains my paranoia.

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The Wife
NY is not the horrible place you think it is. I am a woman who was born, raised and still lives in the city and I too am under 5 feet tall. Absolutely nothing bad has happened to me in all my years living and working there. Nothing.

probably not unless you're in the park at night

They have cameras on every street corner, so you're not going to get mugged in the daytime at least. At night, I'd have a can of pepper spray or a tazer close by.

You are going to love N.Y.C.
Don't walk around looking like a victim.
Listening to an ipod will distract you from what is going on arround you. Whay don't you wait until you are comfortable with your surroundings.
You are not going to get mugged.

You'll be fine, just walk on the streets where people are, dont go down alleyways and dont travel late at night. There are so many people, the chances that you'll get mugged are slim. Just keep a lookout.

its possible but its possible anywhere. New York has a surprisingly pretty low crime rate. so i think you will be just a safe as you would anywhere else.

don't worry about it can get mugged in your own back back garden. or coming out of police station.

If you are not street smart, you can get mugged anywhere, NYC is no different. That being said, NYC is a safe city.

Anything can happen anywhere, but no, you are not likely to get mugged in NYC.

I have lived in NYC since I was 17. I am now 49 years old. I have never been mugged. Oh, and I listen to my ipod all the time, even on the subway. I only stop listening when I'm walking on a dark street with no people on it at night. But NYC is so crowded, that doesn't happen much.

Does that help?

you can get mugged ANYWHERE. in the metro areas, in rural areas, it doesn't matter. people can't be stopped from doing crimes. it's the times we live in, imo.
i wouldn't have my ipod in plain sight, though.
if you worry about getting mugged all the will miss out on life.
good luck w/your interview.

no you wont....getting mugged happens all over the country not just in NYC...people stereotype NYC for that...I lived in NYC and not once have i gotten mugged....just don't walk down alleys and ****...not all people in NYC are bad and will mug you....Wait till you get there and then you will see what everyone says is wrong...

Prairie Girl
I don't think the chances of getting mugged are any greater in Manhattan than in Seattle. There are so many people on the streets at night and the streets are so lit up that I feel perfectly safe. However, you have to use common sense. I wouldn't walk into Central Park at 2 A.M. by myself, and I wouldn't walk down a dark alley, so if you are considering those things then you may get mugged. I actually feel safer in Manhattan than I do in Dallas where I live.
Law and Order is pretend, remember that.

Ronny A
Congrats on your interview! Where are you from, Idaho? NYC is the greatest city in the world and pretty safe. Just don't do anything stupid...walk home alone at 3am, go home with a random guy, etc. Just have fun and keep your cool, look like you belong (don't hang a camera around your neck, haha), and avoid the bums. Yeah, also keep your iPod out of site as much as possible. You'll be fine.

As long as you keep your wits about you you'll be just fine. Don't walk down the street looking UP, that's the mark of a tourist.
If you go out late at night try to go with a friend, don't follow anyone into an alley who offers to sell you a fake ID or a knockoff handbag. Basically use your common sense.
PS - If ever you are held up (in any city, not just NY) don't hand the mugger your wallet or purse, throw it away from you and when the mugger goes to pick it up run like mad in the other direction. Chances are they're more interested in the money than in you.

ummm....where are you from? as long as you dont go into any dark alleys youll be fine. just always stay in a place where theres lots of people. if there are to many witnesses noone in there right mind will do anything. i live in philly and as far as the crime rate goes, its alot worse, especially the neighborhood i live in. youll be fine and good luck

You will be fine. Keep your bag close, don't wear valuables and look like you know where you're going. Don't trust strangers, the usual.

If you want to significantly reduce your chances of getting mugged...

Don't wear a leather jacket (or any clothing that looks expensive and makes you look like a part of high society), don't listen to your iPod while walking and don't walk clumsily. Additionally, don't walk slow. Keep a steady pace, and don't gawk at any of the skyscrapers or old buildings that you see.

Christine M
dont go....yuo seem paranoid and will probably look like the perfect victim lmao

no its not too dangerous, I mean anything can happen at any time but you are not more at risk than anyone else‚ô•

Native New Yorker
My friend, recent report states that New York City is the safest city in the county. This city has have the lowest crime rate since 1963. You will not get mugged.

Good luck

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