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How do I send packages from USA to Vietnam?

I have a friend that live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I want to send her a gift. The problem is that I don't know how to send it from USA to Vietnam. I also want it to get there without it being lost. So what is the step by step ways to do this?

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all the above answers are correct. I would like to know what you are sending? Duties can be excessive and you don't want your friend to have to come out of pocket for major money. You might want to consider having a price tag on it for the smallest amount of money it could cost. a little duplicitous but realistic.
But definitely insure and seal that box up very well.
good luck.

I agree with you, Rick. Some Vietnamese postal officers are not reliable, that's why I often use a warranty added service which cost more money, but the transfer will be done shorter.

Yea. So Bring your packages to any local post office in USA, then pay the fees + insurance. I would recommend you to get insurance. that way your packages will be insured. And That's it.

Put the gift in a box.
Put your friend's address on the box.
Travel to the post office
Send the package global priority mail which I think offers insurance. It is not that complex.

do i sense another SCAM by a asian mail order bride.

i am almost positive she is scamming you and a bounch of other white guys.

M?p Ú
UPS is good. I tried it before but it was expensive and limited items. Also, my friend told me that Vietnamese Post Office would open it anyway. Grrr I know!

There are also several Vietnamese agents in US where you can send packages, money, gifts and even flowers to Vietnam. I've heard that you can see mostly anything (liquid, lotion, etc) and NOT get through the local PO so your package would not be opened. (that what I've HEARD!) Try to contact them, a lot of places located in main cities.

rick m
Step 1, Buy the gift and place it in a box.
Step 2, Put your friend's name and address in the middle of the box. Put your own address in the upper left hand corner.
Step 3, Call DHL and ask them to pick up your package and deliver it to Vn.
You can try the US Postal Service for a better rate, but things sometimes get "lost" when they reach the Viet Postal System.
You can also find someone who is going to Saigon and ask them if they would bring it over and call her when they arrive. My friend's and I do this for each other often.

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