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John D

How much is enough for tipping a masseuse in message prlour in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam?

Sometime, I have a body massage at a massage parlour in HCMC, Vietnam. The masseuse asks me to write down the money I will tip for her work on a Tipping slip. I don't know how much is enough or reasonable. The ticket is from $US 4 to 8. Will someone give an advice, thanks a lot.

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Gerald J
A dollar or two would be more than enough, people should be careful not to overtip, even though it's easy to do. It sets a bad precedent, and people there will then begin to expect large tips, remember the cost of living there is much less than a western country, and a dollar or two goes a long way in Vietnam, especially for the locals.

how about 10%-15% of the overall bill. this is the service charge in most country.

This is what I have from a Vietnamese lady: she would tip the masseuse the same amount when she buys a US$3 massage. But if you have $8, I'd say you tip $4.

Its no different than any other tip its up to you.But i would bet my house that she only recieves a fraction of the amount.Alot of these girls work for 2 or 3 dollars a day,personaly i never use the tipping slip but find a way to slip her a few dollars.

depend on how she does her work?if she a good girl with nice hand then tip good,,,if the price $8 so tip her $2 but give to her,no need for tipping slip,if the price is $4 so give her $3 tip still cheap right?but if she do more than massage then that another story,hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

$10 u are very good tipper

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