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How much is the maximum amount of money (USD) that I can bring out of Vietnam.?

thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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Rick M ? I want to take you with the next time I go through Tan Son Nhat or at least borrow your cloak of invisibility. It seems like I get fingered as an American the moment I arrive at curbside and they assign the biggest jerk to put the squeeze on my wallet when I go through customs.

Actually, Rick M is correct that us Americans have it pretty easy when traveling Internationally. There had been issues specifically in Vietnam, where it was customary to put a little payoff in your passport to make sure your customs paperwork was "in order." I?m glad those days are over.

To answer your question, you can take out as much money as you want so long as you properly declare it. You could be subject to paying duties or taxes if you?re a U.S. citizen and your destination is the U.S. and likewise for citizens of other countries returning to their homeland. Something you should consider is why take the risk of transporting a lot of cash when it?s safer and more convenient to use electronic banking?

Airport inspectors and customs agents are more concerned about you being a drug smuggler that if you are trying to move a few G?s of your own money from Vietnam to somewhere else. You could be mistaken and get inspected in places where you manhood will be questioned afterward.

You can have money wired from your bank in Vietnam to a bank at a destination country. Any duties, taxes or processing fees will be taken out at the time of transfer and without going through the hassles of dealing with customs and customs forms at the airport. Better yet, get a Visa debit card for your bank account and you can more easily use your money. You can consult with any bank that does foreign business or foreign exchange for the best options in moving your money out of Vietnam.

If you have a lot of money, please consider sending me some for saving you the inconvenience of getting strip searched at the airport.

Good luck!

rick m
The Customs declaration form asks if you are bringing more than $7000 USD into the country.I imagine that you could take the same amount out without any problem. I have brought more than that into the country and declared it. If I ever decide to liquidate my assets here, I would need to provide my old Customs forms to "legally" take out a large amount of money. I have found, however, that being an American makes you sort of "invisible" to the government employees , not only at the airport, but pretty much everywhere else.
In short, You can legally bring out what you can prove you've brought in.

@ Mojave Dan, Stop by my house for some fine Kentucky "sippin" whiskey, or 18 year old single Malt.... It seems the customs people don't bother looking at the scanner when my bags go through. They keep missing the six or eight bottles I bring with me (for medicinal use only). lol

The amount of money that you can bring in and out of Vietnam for free is 7,000 USD or 15 million VND.

daney b
You can bring many as u want

You have no problem at all with any amount of Dollars you bring out , just dont bring out the Dong with you as it can not be exchanged or used anywhere else in the world .

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