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How tall are Vietnamese men on Average?

I noticed that most of the Vietnamese guys I see are pretty short. What is the average height of Vietnamese men IN Vietnam?

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That's true. The average height of Vietnamese people is just higher than several countries like Indonesia or India. The average height of man is around 1m65.

However, I don't think that's a big deal. In the history, many famous people are short. In the modern world, the brains are more important than the height, right? ^_^

all most of them about 1m65- 1m70
some of them about 1m70-1m75
but they are only about 55kg -65kg so that they seem not tall

About 1m68 (more than 5'5'') I think. Yeah, sadly, men are not very tall in my country.
But the teenagers nowaday are better. Some of them can reach the height of 1m80 (5'10'')
But for me, it's doesn't matter too much. Cause they're cool :)

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